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Random Wednesday

wm8869Unshaven capitalists! The horror!

Hmmm. Blood. Most unexpected.

I like apple sauce.

This is so totally something I would do.

That’s funny. I don’t remember FB liking Dick Cheney.

Seems like if she were in a real fight all that stuff on her head would be a liability. I kind of love this though. Are those tiny skulls on her corset? Because that is SWEET.

The Thought Bureau of the Ministry of Education. That’s not creeptastic or anything.

It annoys me that businesses are always offering incentives to new customers but not extending those incentives to loyal customers.

I’m never going to be nominated for an award. I’m never even going to get a thank you for everything I do above and beyond my regular job. I have zero motivation for doing anything more than the minimum required. I hate academia.

Keep treating me like a glorified secretary. See where it gets you.

Can I just have all the things?

If you have a spare dollar, you should consider donating. I could listen to that man talk all day. Well for a good long while, anyway.

Neil Patrick Harris is rich. Of course he can afford for his entire family to be professionally costumed and professionally CUTE for Halloween every year. Who cares? My kid is way cuter than either of his and I make her costumes.

I don’t know where the wolves came from but I understand the bear.

Why yes. I would like a TARDIS hoodie, thank you.

When I worked in the lab, I would occasionally have to print photos of the deceased for the police for court cases. I didn’t mind unless they were children. I didn’t have to do it very often though.

Your day could always be worse. Nothing like getting punched in the gut with a reminder about that.

I can’t believe Danzig is in Grand Rapids tonight and I am missing it.

Red gloves! Just what I needed!

I have no faith that my costume will be done in time.

There is no way on this earth that I am going to get this stuff done in time. I just don’t have that much time. Maybe I should have my sleep removed

I hate the liaison in that season. She reminds me of this awful girl I used to know in this awful city that I still hate.

I’m tired of my music again. This is happening far too quickly these days. New music please and thank you.

No one ever actually sends me new music.

OK, sometimes Red does.

Huh. Well I guess it’s snowing then.

There are several people in this video that I do not normally agree with on just about anything, but in this case, they are not wrong.

John Cusack is not aging well at all.

Oh look! We can all go learn about Islam tomorrow. Please. Tell us all about how it’s a religion of peace that thinks of women as equals and is TOTALLY tolerant of homosexuals!

Who writes a seven page cover letter??

A conundrum.

Now this is stuck in my head.

That roller skating disco just kills me.

So apparently Cary Elwes is dangerously close to the Compound.

I thought it said “Us pizzas.” It did not.

Now I want pizza.

This thing says I belong in New Mexico. Doesn’t this thing know there are poisonous snakes AND bugs in New Mexico? Stupid unscientific flawed internet test.

I need seasons! Seasons, I tell you!

hooray hooray

My lip balm is just not doing its job today.

Halloween in the Mitten. Where your parents always make sure that your costume will fit over your winter coat and snow pants.

Are there any shopping carts that are not messed up? Because I have yet to find one that functions properly.

Pretty much. Except the part about Bust. I hate that magazine.

just for the chance to be

Is that not one of the most beautiful songs you’ve ever heard? No?? What is WRONG with you???

The new and destined overlords.

I get distracted by the Fibonacci Sequence. Don’t be impressed. The farther along I get, the slower I get.

This guy uses the phrase sui generis an awful lot.

“Avoid prolonged or excessive exposure to direct sunlight.” Well that shouldn’t be a problem. It’s October in Michigan.

Ha. I typed Emocrat. That’s making me laugh.

Where are our t shirts Ghost Hunter people? Hmm? That is not cool.

i wish i had a head for math so i could talk to you

They’re probably referring to me. I am profoundly unlikeable.

Unless you like me.

I’m not such a delicate snowflake as all that, I suppose.

Solace in solitary somnambulance.


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  1. ScottO

    I just sing the Fibonacci song. It’s like “Inchworm”, but it sort of loses rhythm somewhere around “…then 3 and 5 are eigh-eigh-eight.”

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