wmjacksTomorrow is Halloween!!!!!!!!!

Don Henley is never the answer. Never.

I kind of want this.

So cute!

At least I have my integrity!

Sunnies. Stop. They’re sunglasses.

Some awesome stuff here. I don’t really understand the pretzel or lettuce ladies though …

And while we’re at it – sammies. No. They’re sandwiches.

But I am exactly the kind of person who would carry a purse that looks like a chicken. That’s just a fact.

I love Mike Rowe. I really do.

No, I can’t help that person, because I do not know the answer.

Did I mention that tomorrow is Halloween? Because tomorrow is Halloween. THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR.

I hate resetting passwords all the time.

I just got a new flyer to hang up: “It’s Hard to See Racism When You’re White” I file this under the liberal logic tab of – white people don’t know they’re racist, because they’re all white and racist.


Dear God! You’re carrying your terrible grammar over into Bitstrips! Will the madness never end???

Propagate and Multiply!

Thought leadership.

I really don’t think I need an email telling me so and so retweeted a tweet from some other so and so. I’ve never even heard of the other so and so.

I would like some apple pie.

I was just thinking about the Usual Suspects the other day.

Ha. She said porpaganda.

Inassimilable is a very hard word to say.

Not especially creepy or terrifying, but definitely fun.

I think we should make a pot of chili this weekend. Yes. That is a good idea.

I typed “That is a food idea.” Yes it is.

Does anyone have a better Halloween laugh than Screamin’ Jay Hawkins? The answer is no.

What a weird band name.

I just don’t equate Rocky Horror with Halloween.

Do you vant to be left alone?

Ack! So cute!

Argh. To sum up: “Use this standardized test result to teach your kid that this is how the world works and just accept that it isn’t a true reflection of who he is.” Um. How about “Use this standardized test result to teach your kid that this is why the world needs to CHANGE and what he can do to effect that change in his lifetime”? STOP ACQUIESCING!!!!

I don’t know. I’ve never really contemplated the rototiller as a tool for homicide.

I need to shoot some film. It needs to be done.

achoo achoo achoo!

It probably won’t fall on anyone’s head. Probably.

Have I mentioned my love of jalapeno kettle chips?

I think what they meant to say was “READ ALL THE SANDMAN!” But if you read only one issue, ignore the Mary Sue’s advice about Hob Gadling and read issue 17 – Calliope.

Of all the annoying crap on FB, I’m really surprised that people are so cranky about Bitstrips. They seem fairly harmless to me.

With all my teapots, you’d think I was a tea cozy knitter. But I’ve never made a single one. And tomorrow is Halloween!

What a horrible human being.

iPad Air. Is that like Nike Air? I don’t get the significance.

Please stop putting an apostrophe in “Michigan Moms Against Gun Control.” It’s not Mom’s. It’s Moms. Thank you.

This tiny Snickers is too tiny.

I really like that Blacklist show.

I realize that it’s irrational to be irritated about this, but I am, and I can’t help that.


Apparently all my links lead to the Mary Sue today.

I must purchase Halloween candy. For Halloween. Which is tomorrow.

This is not my fault.

I mean really. How are the Time Warp or Rock Lobster Halloween songs??

And why does everyone spell Pet Sematary wrong?

You should ALWAYS do Halloween when it isn’t!

I don’t wanna be buried …

Man. I’m almost out of Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Nutmeg! My stockpile is nearing exhaustion! I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! I can’t find a color to replace it. *sob*

itch itch itch itch itch

I said I was sorry about your toes.

I think that exact same thing every time Psycho Pants opens her mouth.

You can’t get a new tattoo til April.

OUCH ow ow ow ow. Hot glue is hot.

Man. It’s one thing to snow on trick or treating, but rain?? That’s just mean, Universe.

Maybe a tiny 3 Musketeers will make me feel better.

I need this. OK? OK.

I should just tattoo “Also ran” on my forehead or something. T shirt. Wear it every day.

Don’t ruin otters for me!

I need to go knit something. Watch some Haven. Sleep sleep sleep.

HApPY HallOwEEn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!