wm2021I tried to be a Girl in his tour of Spectral Motion. ~ JenniferBot

Yeah, I know, but it’s sticking with me. That’s fucking poetry, man. And it goes so well with the photo.

I keep reading “Bushitis” as “bullshititis.”

Ha! Like I’d take my children to a daycare with a giant tapestry of Jerry Garcia on the wall.

I hope the snow doesn’t melt before Christmas. It’s been a few years since we had snow on Christmas.

I really think I need a hedgehog. For serious.

It’s one thing to “share” a photo, which you should still ask permission for, but to actually take the photo and repost it as your own? Not cool.

I HATE lunch meetings.

I do so wish people in the academic community would stop confusing “rational” with “rationale”.

Maybe I should take the “Path to Inner Peace” webinar. Hahahahahaahah just kidding.


Well. There’s another reason to never move to Belgium.

Chloroform. Ha!

Have you seen my desk, lady? I have 6 mugs sitting on my desk. 6!! I can only drink so much tea.

And right now, I can’t drink any tea at all.

I don’t actually enjoy potlucks.

I hate these people.

All the most serious talks about life come when you’re tucking them in.

So what’s the big deal?

Isn’t that a standard law of nature? Everyone’s Tupperware cupboard must be perpetually chaotic.

The family in their Christmas pajamas singing to the tune of Will Smith’s Miami that everyone is raving about? I really just thought it was annoying. And I kind of hated it.

Impresive! Too bad this Miley is gone.

It’s bad enough that I have to listen to you talk talk talking all day, do you have to do with food in your mouth too?

Woohoo! I love getting out of meetings.

Aw man.

Kinda feels like the cover of a Cure album.

Ugh. Maybe I should have a Coke. Maybe that would help this stomach.

I wish I was the kind of person who enjoyed sitting in coffee shops, but I’m just not.

Oh my goodness. You need to let that one go, honey.

I keep thinking it’s Thursday. That makes me sad.

I never understand it when people add me on Google+. I never use that thing.

“You live on a farm. Can I have a bale of hay?” Um …

Sorry, I don’t eat ham. It makes me sick.

Well that was a weird kind of reminiscence.


Sorry, but just because I’m growing a person right now does not give the general public the right to assume ownership of my person. Stop demanding pregnancy photos. It’s rude and kinda creepy. I’m not kidding.

“Did you buy a Mega Millions ticket in Niles? Someone is hold a $1 million prize ticket.” This is why no one reads your newspaper any more.

Sooooooooo dead around here.

Their little mouths have faded away entirely!

I don’t like the way that sun is glaring in at me, as if I’ve done something to make it angry.

People are still saying YOLO. Why? Why is this happening??

I’m so sleepy. I just would like a nap. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Not really.

Dude. That is lame.


I was being courteous, not sucking up.

No. Just. You cannot be serious. Someone stop the insanity.

This is a good shirt. I like this shirt.

Ooph. I miss being comfortable.

Ahh. Good old Anya.

Damn, I thought I lost an hour there, but I just read the clock wrong.

I keep hitting the comma instead of the period.

Yes, I too measure distance in hours.

Oh Slate, you halfwitted pathetisad excuse for a rag. Conservatives aren’t “mad” about Pajama Boy. We just think he’s hilariously absurd. Pajama Boy is a joke. Try to keep up.

See my vest?

No, seriously. I love Gillespie. Hilarious.

Give me a body part. ~ JenniferBot

I should take my knitting to work tomorrow. Seems like a good plan.

What? Rain? No! No rain. No rain, dammit!

We’re not going to have snow on Christmas and I’m going to be all Grinchy.

I think maybe they didn’t get the joke there.