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Random Wednesday

wm9664sigh. I could really have gone for just one more snow day. Oh well. I got two and that’s unheard of.

Seems like if you won an Oscar you’d probably dust it on occasion.


I dreamed I went through all this trouble to hurriedly register for a 5k that was starting imminently. The guy handed me my t shirt and it was a large. I said don’t you have a small? He looked at me and grinned and said in that patronizing voice some people use when speaking to small children “do you have a wittle belly?” I looked down and remembered I was pregnant. I told him it was a temporary condition, asshat, gimme a small. Amanda Palmer was there and the place was nuts. I was looking for my friend to get to the starting line when I realized I wasn’t dressed to run, I was dressed for Michigan winter. After working through how I was going to deal with that I realized I couldn’t run anyway. I’m six months pregnant.

I love this lamp.

Ha. I just found a Novell lapel pin in my drawer. How funny.

You must be joking. Who pays $50.00 for a tea mug? And just looking at the photo, I can tell you that I would never want to drink tea out of that thing. It looks like an overgrown ramekin.

I have a birthday coming up. It’s one of those big ones.

Vortex is such a science fictionish word.

Um. I hate to break it to you, but no, we didn’t actually win.

mmmmmmmmmmmm pepperminty

“Self aware artificial intelligence.” We really ought to know by now that this is never a good idea.

But. Ducks have ears. You just can’t see them.

Chuck Norris’ beard looks oddly fake. Don’t tell him I said that.

I wasn’t being rude. Honestly, who does that? I think they were being rude.

I’m for serious going to be needing this shirt.

Someone needs to tell this girl she doesn’t pull off “corpse” particularly well.

Wow. How did today get so busy??

Oops. That is not what I wanted.

blah blah blah, blah blah blah

Argh. That might possibly be one of the single biggest pains in the ass in my job.

I think I’ve spent my entire day either in meetings or answering emails. Half the time I feel like that’s all my job is. There is so little sense of accomplishment. I’M SO UNFULFILLED!

This is not remotely how I came about my love of Scotch, but I HAVE made this argument about how Scotch is not marketed to women at all, and this is a huge mistake on the part of distilleries. I specifically mentioned Johnnie Walker, because that’s my Scotch of choice, this chick is a Dewar’s fan. I still say I could photograph a kick ass spread for Johnnie. I have ideas, people. I have ideas.

Gah. I’m in dire need of a snack.

Snow plows aren’t socialist.

I had so much momentum and now it’s … I’m so sleepy.

Holy high strung … Have some patience woman! It’s only January. You don’t teach until September.

Oooh I can’t wait to watch Justified!

Reading a book on the iPhone that isn’t a phone is less than ideal.

I’ve barely looked at it today. I have no idea.

Sheesh. The drive home was more treacherous than the drive in. Stupid other cars.

I love you, applesauce.

Those onions made my eyes all stingy and I wasn’t even cutting them.

I love hats and hats love me.

Seven whole days! Who knew? I wonder how long I can keep that whole thing up.

Like an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie for breakfast?

I could go for a peanut butter cookie. I haven’t had a good peanut butter cookie in a long time. A nice, big, soft, chewy one.


Russia! I think you mean Soviet Union, kid.

I dunno. I think it needs to bake a teensy bit longer.

I like oatmeal in things. I just don’t like oatmeal in the traditional oatmeal sense. It’s revolting. Though not as revolting as cream of wheat. That’s just a crime against nature.

I think it’s pretty well established that Rachel Maddow is a complete idiot.

What’s this? What is this?

I cannot make a decision.

Jeebus, If this belly gets any bigger I’m going to need a cane to lean on so I can remain upright.

Wow, that is totally something I would do. Nice.

Dammit! Still can’t decide. Indecision will do me in.

I really really really like this band. Really. A lot.

That is a hand.

Holy shit. That’s with a discount?!?

strange things are afoot at the circle k

I need a break from these animals. All of the animals. Big break. Big.

I need my own private yoga instructor. Just til April.

Brush yo teeth brush yo teeth

The presidents in residence.

Cannot stop yawning. Pajamas are clearly the answer. Shut up, they are too.

He’s forgotten how. I can’t explain it to him. I don’t speak Cat.

Well. Sometimes I mind. But that’s mostly because I’m contrary by nature.

No one appreciated my idle threat joke today. Work is dumb.

No, no, no. You got it all wrong, see?

Yeah, I guess you don’t.




  1. red

    I fucking LOVE Cream of Wheat. So much!!

    You’re welcome on the City and Color 🙂

  2. ScottO

    On the iPhone (regardless of whether it’s a phone), every book is a page-turner!

    Peanut Butter Cookies >>>

    I stand by your decision to defer decision.

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