wm0168dusklightoh no love

I don’t think Seth MacFarlane is all that funny.

Oh brother.

I like peppermint.

I never win those stupid contests. I should stop entering.

I really miss Oreo O’s. Misuse of apostrophe and all. Also Jell-O Pudding Pops. Those were my favorite.

I love Johnny Cash.

Juice Boxes and Bullets.

I love this.

So cool!

Man the internet is a weird place.

Boy I’m glad we didn’t sell all that Thomas stuff. Also the Potato Heads.

I did not miss the sound of your shuffling feet at all.

OK. I’m thoroughly impressed.

What a stupid word. Bleg.

That thing you do, where you slam the filing cabinet drawers shut so that they bounce back open, and then you just walk away, leaving them ajar? It infuriates me.

This is just plain awesome.

“If you think you’ve lost data, be sure and write over it as much as possible …”


Ugh. My desk is so dusty!

“Similarly, the foregrounding of gun control seemed very strange, as if, again, there hadn’t been a finger on the trigger, a decision made to pull it.”

I just. Huh.

I have this calendar that runs from July to December of the following year. That doesn’t make any sense to me. What do you do for January through July of the year after that?

Michael Rapaport looks like shit. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Is there anyone who does NOT hate this chick?

Wait. Did I actually manage to paint my nails without smudging them? Unheard of!

It looks really best!

It’s kind of spendy.

Levitating might be a nice skill. I wonder if it would be relaxing at all. I need one of those sensory deprivation tanks. Although I suspect it would just make me really dizzy. I don’t like to be dizzy.

My belly is simultaneously itchy and numb. It is a very odd sensation.

This is so awesome.

Incredibly beautiful.

People act like I’m blaming the goat. At no point have I said that this was the goat’s fault. I have, in fact, very clearly, and several times, said it was the UPS driver’s fault. Honestly, it’s like I’m speaking a foreign language that no one has ever encountered before.

Huh. Looks more yellow on this monitor. Damn.

I may or may not have said those words. Where is my lawyer? Allegedly.

Argh! This book! The murder weapon was a shotgun. It is very clearly documented in police reports, at several different points throughout the work, and all of a sudden she calls it a rifle. EDITING is not that hard. I should message her. Page 189. How do people miss this stuff??

I hate this bra.

These little cookies are surprisingly delicious. But I still wish I had a donut.

Oy. Her perfume! Awful!

Ah, no one gives a damn what I’m doing over there. I think I’ll do 31 days and quit. Fuggit.

Well, sorry, but that’s just kinda dumb. Just do Instagram.

I tried Snapchat for about 5 minutes. It never made any sense to me and I hated it.


Why “evil apples”? What an odd name.

Fascinating. I had no idea he was from Jackson.

Yeah, this is so totally me.

I really hate it when people stand right outside the “door” to my cube and carry on conversations. Especially when they’re conversations about dogs. I don’t care about your dogs. Move along.

I can’t believe my hands haven’t started bleeding yet. My skin is so dry.

That is … um.


You know what? I don’t think I’m going to have time for it tonight anyway. So maybe I’ll just stop now. Forget 31 days.

Place your order!

I might have a tiny cookie problem.

Ack! Tomorrow is potluck day! I have to make a chocolate cake!

Well, hello there new phone! I think I’ve finally entered a more modern century …

ew. Dude. no.

That’s weird. I wonder why those came up.

I really need to go to bed.