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Random Wednesday

wm1425Your mother and we should have been 47% exsanguinated. ~JenniferBot

Um. OK.

WordPress doesn’t think exsanguinated is a word. WordPress doesn’t think WordPress is a word.

True Detective is the shit.

You know what’s irritating? The fact that Google+, a feature I absolutely do not want or need on my phone, that takes up 50 megs of space, cannot be removed. That’s really flipping irritating.

Apparently my mantra today is “We’ll take care of it.” Because apparently I have nothing but vast resources of time.

What’s this? Another winter weather advisory, you say? Ha!

Tilda Swinton. Yeah, right. LOL

These are incredible.

Oh, that phrase has a nice ring to it. “Tactical machete.”

I think the AZ law is stupid. BUT. I will say that I firmly believe that private business owners should retain the right to refuse service to whomever they choose for whatever reason they choose. Let the market decide if they should stay in business or not.

I should quit and go to trade school, learn how to weld. Well. I already know how to weld. Learn to do it professionally. Also, it’s been a while since I welded anything.

Wow. Daniel Radcliffe. Get a haircut. Now.

“I guess I’d sum it up that we have the right to freedom of association but, because of rulings that limit the 1st amendment, not freedom from association.”

look how they shine for you

Just so you know, sonic screwdrivers are useless against zombies.

Sorry, Adele. I’m just not in the mood.

I can’t take the internet right now. I just want to smack some sense into every last one of them.

Yeah, no, I don’t think Pelosi actually said that. I think it was satire.

Why would you want someone who hates you to provide a service for you? Don’t you think you might get spectactularly bad service?

That quiz is dumb. You don’t shoot Scotch. Ever.

Wow, that was a long meeting.

Oooooooooh! Miss W will be so all over this.

Oh my God!!!! A massage!!!! I think I might actually cry. I’m so excited. I’m so happy.

Now you know this is just exactly the kind of business I would own. Make that should own.

That meeting would have been fine if super genius hadn’t decided to wander down the path of progressive fantasy land and claim that the beginnings of genocidal action are taking place RIGHT HERE IN THE U.S. RIGHT NOW in Arizona. Really, dude? You’re seriously going to make that claim with a straight face?

Sometimes I have to bite my tongue so hard I draw blood.

“We need money for aid. So let’s print it.” Ummm …

Well that was … weird.

Ha! We have a chicken like the last one in the garage right now.

So cool!

Reason no. 7,462 to homeschool.

miserable bajingo

Oh the shark dress is my favorite, but I also really love the last one.

I am liking Mexican food a little more than usual lately.



I don’t like this Brittany character.

I just really am not dealing well with stress at all right now. It’s bad.

you and i don’t

I need to pick up some thank you cards.

Well the radar does not look like it agrees with the forecast at all. Which would be totally fine by me.

It failed! It failed! It failed! YES!!!!

See? See what happens when you argue with crazy people? You almost forget to post! Post!



  1. CoraD

    Hey – it’s Cora. While I agree with the idea that most people won’t want to shop at bigoted stores, in some areas, there are only a couple stores for needed items. If you can’t shop at those stores, then you could be without food, gas, medical supples, etc. If a state passes this law, then it is sanctioning prejudice, which is a very bad precedence.

    • AntiJenX

      Hi Cora,
      While I understand your concern, society just isn’t regressing in that way. This type of law already exists in about 16 other states. It in no way sanctions discrimination, it merely adds protection to what is already a First Amendment right. I don’t support the law. The law was vetoed by the governor. But forcing a business to serve those who go against their morals or values is just wrong. The First Amendment guarantees, or at least it used to, freedom of association. I appreciate your comment, thanks for visiting the blog!

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