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Random Wednesday

wm3126Man. I want so many of these t shirts. sigh.



ARGH. What. Is your problem, WordPress?

I’m sorry, I can’t go back to work if my clothes still don’t fit. Oh well.

OK yeah. I’m really looking forward to this now. This might actually be some brilliant casting for the role of John Constantine.

lens flare!

Well if you have to go into work while on leave, it might as well be so that your boss can tell you how awesome you are.

pizza socks

underneath my pillow

Maybe I’ll finally see the last season of Fringe before I go back to work.

This is hilarious. Also why does the bat suit look all veiny? God I hate Ben Affleck.

Good read. It should be distributed to all campuses.

At least I finally started that Craftsy class.

Gah. Dinner. I never know. I never know. Let’s just have cookies.

Chocolate Rice Krispie treats?

Whatever. You wish I was your mother.

I don’t know who that is, Regis.

What a cold and a rainy day. … great. Now that song is stuck in my head.

I have to mail things! I have things I have to mail! To the mail!

Honestly, how do I always procrastinate that shit so epically?


Which reminds me, I need to pick up potting soil.

You should check out this interview.

Sooooo, I guess you didn’t get my message then.


Wow. Yeah. REALLY bad. And I like My Fair Lady.

I just don’t think I can get into that Fargo series. It’s just not grabbing me.

There are lots of people I’d like to meet. But then I wouldn’t be able to make conversation with them.

There are more than one dozen dozen eggs in my kitchen. Someone buy some damn eggs.

I need to look for a holster for the Shield tomorrow at my gun club.

I need to name the Shield. Marvel. That’s a good name for a SHIELD.

el oh el

We’ve been so neglectful of the library. It’s terrible.

Teddible. Teddible.

I’m so tired of this goat wandering around.

I still need a massage.

I had this book on my wishlist and then a couple days ago the Kindle version was only $1.99 so I bought it. Such a good move. What a great read so far. Highly recommended.

Which reminds me!!!!! New Dresden out at the end of the month!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

“Still, his name is Pi. I’ll bet people try to eat him.”

Seriously, 3 days. I need my damn car back, Mr. Mechanic Man.

We really need to do a burn.

It feels like fall today.

A new cute skirt would make my day.

I really just need to finish the Craftsy class. I need supplies.

promotional promoting promoted promotion

Buy my stuff so I can buy stuff.

I am feeling the urge to travel. But I don’t know if we’ll be going north this year. Which is a shame.

Ooooh! That little tree that I love did not have leaves on it yesterday. Too bad the gorram goat will eat them now that they’re there.

I’m so loving all the green. It was such a horribly horribly horrible winter.


I need some Billy Idol now. Thanks, Nick Searcy movie.

Alpaca socks!

Ugh. I hate these baby wipes.

We should have Random Wednesday t shirts. Someone should design something. I wonder if anyone would buy them.


Also beautiful, and very cool.

I need to go back to reading books on Dax. My phone is just too small. Although I’m rockin’ the reading glasses something fierce.

Um. No, really. Really.


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  1. ScottO

    Ideally, Random Wednesday t-shirts wouldn’t be designed. They’d be…random.

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