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Random Wednesday

ann's lace


This will make you feel warm and fuzzy about stuff probably.

I did not know there was a version of Lightroom for the iPhone. Huh. I might need that.

I’m sorry, I think you thought my name was “Google”.

So far, I approve of this blog. You should visit.

I yam what I yam.


I think the left has somehow come to equate feminism with appropriating masculinity while simultaneously emasculating men.

I wonder if I like Jarlsberg.

This trailer came up on my Pandora station. I will watch it. It’ll prolly choke me up. Plus it has Mandy Patinkin. I like Mandy Patinkin.

good naked vs bad naked

There are weird floating things in my tea.

I am profoundly unlikeable.

And also a unicorn.

A vagina kayak. Well there you go.

Is this Ivy covering the Cure? It is, indeed. Weird.

I dunno. At least I’m not out there making Facebook fan pages for my tits.

I don’t understand kit lens snobs.

I find it ironic that I am not allowed to use the Oxford comma in a paragraph describing a scholarship to Oxford.

The capacity for stupid is staggering.

The whole thing is like a weird, dystopian survival journal. “Day 734: We lost power today …”

This mug weighs 37 pounds. Who designed this idiocy?

I was going to say “Welcome to the Jungle” but realized he probably doesn’t understand my humor on account of he doesn’t actually know me.But now I have Guns N’ Roses stuck in my head.

Once upon a time I hated Bukowski for inconsequential reasons. The older I get, the more I love his work. I also love this line from this letter ” … I am saying that in our time, at this moment when any moment may be the last for many of us, it’s damned galling and impossibly sad that we still have among us the small, bitter people, the witch-hunters and the declaimers against reality.”

Aw. That is seriously cute. I love dogs.

el oh el

I am a huge sock lover, and so I obviously love George H.W.’s socks. Also, I totally dig that couch that Barbara is seated on. That’d look awesome in my geekery at home.

I have a sudden craving for French toast. No, I’m not pregnant.

“It’s because he’s a man. He’s not threatened by your hot genius hotness.”

Put it on your head and take a picture.


Yep. Definitely time for something different with my hair.

It’s the entire left half of my skull and down into my neck, you see. I would like you to understand.

I have no idea who this woman is, but it seems like she could have hired a better photographer.


Cauliflower is never delicious. Never. I want to know who it was that saw cauliflower and said “Hey! I should totally eat that!” Because that person was clearly in need of a mental health expert.

OK, I obviously need to knit that pullover.

bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch

Why are people in offices so enamored of the concept of “brainstorming”?

No, the University of Wisconsin is not distributing grades based on race. Calm yourself down.

So I guess I don’t actually like James Franco.

“Non-human person status”?

Jesus. I just accidentally opened Face Time. I got hit with full on Resting Bitch Face. It made me sad.

It’s a shame he didn’t do anything but move his crap in. Had he done any kind of renovation or decorating, this could’ve been really cool. As it is, it just looks like a squatter dumped his crap in this plane.

I am officially adding Telescoping Baton to my Christmas list. Look! Free pepper spray!

Everything about this makes me want to stab my eyes out with a fork.

All I really want right now is a Diet Mt. Dew.

“Government always grows, and government is force. Force is always dangerous.”

i had a secret meeting in the basement of my

Yep. I’m ready for today to be over.

I love Parenthood, but I was thinking about it today, and it seems like there are story lines that they just sort of drop and I have no idea what’s going on. Like what the hell happened with Sarah being a playwright? Did they pick that up again last season? I’m a season behind. But there was nothing at all about it for an entire season. It was all “Sarah is a kick ass playwright and creepy Richard Dreyfus is here to prove it!” and then suddenly she’s dating a cranky Ray Romano photog and nothing.

I think introverts especially are drawn to photography because it gives us the opportunity to be a part of something while being apart from something.

I really love this skirt and I think I need it in black.

I definitely should have just gone to the Den and gotten the gigantor Diet Mt. Dew for 65 whole cents.

Well. That was pretty darn cute.

I need a massage. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that.

I could close my eyes and be asleep in five minutes flat. If that. That is a fact. Jack.

Well. That’s one way to top off a migraine day …

I would have preferred that you had not done that.

“The old weird man sittin’ on a rock, sittin’ on a rock, sittin’ on a rock.”

I love getting drunk texts. I do not get enough drunk texts from people.

OhhH! It’s the little girl from My Girl! I totally didn’t recognize her.

The music in this show is nuts.

Silly baby, go to sleep.


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    Umbelliferae are dangerou-ah-choo! dangerous.

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