wm9783We probably wouldn’t be besties, actually.

Why do all the patterns I want to knit lately have 1×1 ribbing? You’d think I enjoy torturing myself or something.

Pee Wee’s Playhouse is on Netflix!!!!!!

The Compound squirrels need to be upgraded.

Dear God. We have to get rid of this toy. It plays musical versions of We Didn’t Start the Fire and some other piece of wretched wrongness I can’t quite recognize.

Also, stop eating food you find on the floor because I haven’t had time to vacuum.

This is awesome.

Why would you ever want a refrigerator with a glass door? You would have to forever be cleaning your fridge and also you could never buy cold junk food any more, or every time you walked past it would be like a silent, frigid rebuke.

I don’t want to be weird. I should leave Facebook.

Abandoned places are so fascinating. Especially when they’re so well preserved.

Weaponized celebrity. I like that.

It’s probably a little ironic that I spelled ballistic wrong just then.

You don’t smile because it causes wrinkles? That just makes me really sad for you.

For the record, #LittleJustinTimberlake does not spy on the wee smalls and report back to Santa. We’re libertarians. He just hangs out and does fun stuff. Because kids. And fun.

Trying out a new look for the site, but I don’t know. I know I want to change it a bit, but I can’t find the one theme that really works for me. I don’t think I’ll keep this one though. But. You tell me. I’ll maybe just keep trying new ones and soliciting your opinion.

How is it Wednesday again already?

How is tomorrow 2015 already?

I’m not ready. Already.

I need to try and finish this hat today.

It’s been trying to snow since yesterday. Seems a bit more earnest today though.

I’m not going to recap anything. What’s to recap? I think that falls under the Christmas Newsletter category, in that I don’t really understand it.

I think my tea’s gone cold.

Hmm, maybe not so earnest after all.

I always mistype newsletter the first time.

There are some places it just shouldn’t snow, and Arizona is one of them.

Yup. OK. Right.

It’s cold in here. I should put on another sweater or something. Also eating lunch might help.

Why’d ya have to bring Jack into it?

Oops. Didn’t mean to be outside for that long.

And WOW is it cold out there.

Dammit! I’ve run out of Criminal Minds episodes! What am I going to do now??


I’d like to be in a better mood now. Thank you very much.

I think the last time we went out on New Year’s Eve was Y2K.

Wow. Who tickets. More abandoned Detroit. I haven’t seen anyone shoot in the Silverdome yet.

I’m not a resolver, but if I were to make a resolution for the new year it would be to start saying NO without feeling guilty. Particularly when someone is being manipulative.

I’m freezing, but not because I’m sick. It’s just bloody cold in the Mitten today. Real feel this evening is 2.

I just did a preview. I completely forgot I changed the theme. I realize now I don’t like it at all. Gonna try a different one.

Oh yes, that’s much better. I suppose I should clean up my links while I’m at it.

Last Random of 2014. Weird.

I never had any of that fancy Play-Doh machinery when I was a kid.

I wish I had a country club like that to join. Of course, I’d probably never go. But if I did, maybe I’d make new friends and then I’d want to go. I don’t know what I’m talking about. And I’m not even drinking right now.

I need a good movie to watch tonight. I don’t even know what to watch. I don’t even know what to look for on NetFlix.

I’m having a hard time getting into this new knitting project.

I’m getting a headache.

Argh. No no no. Why does it do that weird photo sliver bar thing at the top of the post? That is precisely why I hate 75% of these damn themes.

Oh you’re rotten!

Hat: finished. Blocked. Ready to wear. Along with my beautiful finished sweater.

I can’t even count that high.

Here’s something about 2014 – it made me even more of a misanthrope than I was before. I really didn’t think that was possible.

I was once described as the misanthrope’s misanthrope.

I can tell you my head hurts twelvety times less intensely when I don’t have to leave the Compound.

Alright, people. Alright. Go. Get to ringing and things. New Year’s smooches from me to you. Most of you anyway. But I’ll just blow them to you because touching and introvert and personal space and things. Happy happies, chickens. Happy happies.