wm0277Well. Here we are. First Random of the new year. Don’t expect any miracles.

You can’t live here. This is a college, not a youth hostel.

What’s wrong with you, Gmail?

This whole not sleeping thing is really starting to take its toll. For serious.

Wow. I am so tired of Anita Hill. I can’t wait til March when that whole thing is over. Of course then I have to deal with Gloria Steinem. I’m fairly certain that’s going to be so much worse. Ooph.


This day.

What is this Kinfolk everyone on Instagram reads? It’s some kind of hipster thing, isn’t it?

Why is Google broken on campus? How does that even work?

Sheesh. Finally.


“Hey, I’m also sorry you’re such a fucking nutbar that you need to create fictions about people to manage your way through life.”

Gwyneth. Staaaaaaaaahp. No really. Just staaaaaaaahp.

This is a spectacularly poorly written article.

Ugh. No. No no no no no

Don’t do it. No, really. Don’t.

Gaaaaaahhhhh I’m so staticky.

Two and a half hours in and I’m still weeding through email. How.

I need a snack and a nap and a break. And also to never have to work again.

I think when the kids’ 365 is done I’ll do a 52 weeks of them. And I’ll post them here.

Actually this place needs to be more than Random Wednesday after Random Wednesday. Or I need to just change the name of the damn thing to Random Wednesday. But that would be kind of boring I think. Which is my point. It’s kind of boring round here. Randomly. Boring. What am I even talking about? Now I forgot what I was going to do.

I don’t think that’s going to work.

Crap. I forgot to grab a cable needle.

stuck. in. my. head.


Which is just dumb, because, take the gun, don’t break it.

Head for the hills, errbody!

I kind of got lost there for a bit. And then I lost the stitch marker. But I found all the things again.

That candy bar literally has my name on it.

Did you get a post card from me?

Did you mean to send me a post card? I bet you did. And you forgot. Because who remembers post cards any more? Just me.

Girl Scout cookies. How is it time for Girl Scout cookies again already?

I should take a break. Right now.

That was awful. I was totally gotten. I hate it when people play practical jokes on me but they almost never work. The fact that it worked today is a testament to my sheer exhaustion.

I think this first post of the new year is going to be rather short. Rather.

Can’t be helped. Can’t be helped.

Have Thin Mints always been vegan or did they really change the recipe this year? If they changed the recipe, they better actually still taste like Thin Mints or the Girl Scouts are going to be staring down a very angry mob.

I love big square lined Post-its.

Now I can’t stop yawning.

I hate January. I mean I really, really hate January. It’s long and cold as fuck and depressing and long and did I mention how cold it always is? I hate January.

I dunno. I’m still not totally happy with this new look. I was checking out other themes today on a break and just could not find one that worked for me.

Stop biting my face, dammit!

Why is Ant-Man hyphenated? Wait. Did I already ask that question?

I probably can’t get away with going to bed this early can I?

desk emporium derailed the train, have a cheetoh, pal. have a cheetoh.

So who was the first female lighthouse keeper in the US?

I really enjoy Kevin Williamson’s writing.

dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit

This is exactly the wrong time for this.

I don’t even know what we’re talking about any more.

wool blankets and alcohol

Yes, this is true. My babies are beautiful.

I don’t think I’m even going to be able to knit a single stitch after this.