wm0388Oh come on. Nobody looks good in those pants. Nobody.

Oh ate feminists.

You know that time when I said I didn’t think I loved bacon as much as I’m apparently supposed to love bacon? I feel the same way about Target.

Great. Now that everyone knows about the glitter thing, I’m bound to get some in the mail.

Oh my God, Ron Paul. Go home. And take Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush with you.

el oh el

This is mesmerizing and awesome.

“Lumbersexual” should not be a word. It shouldn’t even be a thing.

It also sounds like a swear, but I wasn’t sure how to respond to that …

Asshole achievement: Unlocked!

it’s not as though

Asked for a grande. This is a super. But it’s free, so I’m not complaining. Don’t know if I’ll be able to drink the whole thing …

Jaysus. I can’t even keep up with this crap.

Just because some jackass decided it should be National Hugging Day doesn’t mean you should get it into your head to touch me. I will take you down.

Oh my God. This day may actually be the death of me. For serious.

I’ll have to remember that for my next password change.

Please restock the Diet Mtn. Dew please. Or maybe you shouldn’t, because I clearly have a problem. No, restock it. Please.

I can never remember my Tumblr password.

You go home too, Bill Gates.

No, your options haven’t actually changed.

Sorry bout my freak out.

I might be a little insulted right now.

I can hear it screeching.

Look. I wear leggings all the time. You know what makes it OK? I wear a shirt or tunic that covers my ass. What’s wrong with girls today is that they think footless tights are leggings. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Footless tights are not leggings and they’re not pants. NO ONE needs to know that much about you. ‘Cept maybe your gynecologist.

Of course, that said, this is still kind of a free country. If you want to walk around in flesh colored footless tights and I happen to come walking up behind you where, for one horrifying moment I think I’m looking at your bare ass, you go right ahead honey. I’ll stock up on the eye bleach.

Wow. Your life is weird.

even if you never

Shadowy figures.

Left handed camera. Sheesh.

I want to watch this Congress documentary.

See? I can be totally reasonable.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Huh.

Mark Lanegan is starting to look like that dude from Sons of Anarchy.

Big Sleeves. It looks comfy. And like it’s for skinny minnies.

Just because I never get tired of this version.


“We could all three meet up and shoot. And drink. And judge people!”

What is that noise??

I’m kinda bummed at the low number of donation box orders. This total is nowhere near last year.

Wow. The love from some of my FB acquaintances for POTUS and his ridiculous SoTU speech. Please. Did you miss the part where he wants to raise taxes? Or the part where he’s looking for permission to fight the war he’s already waging in the Middle East? Or any number of other things …

I roll my eyes a lot.

I wonder if that’s a contributing factor to my migraines.

Huh. I wonder what that smell is about.

Oh he’s over by the weapons chest.

Everyone is frustrated. It is a frustrating thing. And you are very tired.

Oops. I think it’s been five minutes.