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Random Wednesday

wm1538We checked out that Battle Creek show. What’s the deal with the coffee cake?

Your quantitative methods won’t work on me, research monkey!

I haven’t used this much alcohol gel in years.

I’ve always thought crows were cool. We particularly appreciate them because they chase the hawks away from our chickens. Crows do not like hawks.

Dude. I dunno. I have mixed feelings about purchasing this kind of paraphernalia. Also, I will firmly maintain until the day I die that Gein was not, by definition, a serial killer.

Sometimes I like Darjeeling.

I never understood the hero worship thing that was going on there.

Stop winking at me, you smarmy jackass! Gah.

I don’t know who this chick is, but this made me smile.

Nope. Still don’t like Easter.

Huh. You’re really kind of a hypocritical, hyper judgmental, super bitch, aren’t ya?

I completely lost myself in this video. I bought this book several years ago, but still haven’t had the time to read it. I will, though. I will.

You know, I didn’t even notice Faith Hill’s neck scar until People pointed it out.

How fun to be invited to join this knit-along! I’ve never been invited for one before. I’ve never just randomly joined one either.

Am I the only person who never visits WebMD?

A new season of Broadchurch?! Yes, please!

So long, Lootcrate. Maybe I’ll be back someday.

Sometimes I think I liked the world so much better before the internet.

Noooo thank you. Also it just kind of creeped me out. Also the one of the baby just made me worry about the baby.

I find this very interesting.

“Laughter is poison to fear.” I totally read that as if laughter were poison and should be feared. It seriously took me a minute. What? It’s a George R.R. Martin quote. Have you read his books? It made total sense.

The nice thing about umbrellas is the relief of not having to make eye contact with other humans. Well. That and the whole keeping you dry thing.

Proof I’m going to hell: Bobbi Christina is pretty much dead after a weird ass life and every time I see a picture of her all I can think is, “All their money and they couldn’t get that poor girl’s teeth fixed??”

Man. I really need to wash my hair.

I might have to rethink this whole Girl Scout cookie thing next year.

Sorry, Jason Newstead. I’m not wishing you a happy birthday. I forgot we were even Facebook friends. Why are we Facebook friends?

Ali needs the Outsiders necklace. I kind of love the Black Beauty one. I loved that book when I was a lass. And holy wow, that Wind in the Willows ring! I would never wear something like that but it’s beautiful! Also, that was my favorite book as a wee small. That and Harold and the Purple Crayon.

I need to go to Wales right now.

This just breaks my heart. Why can’t people just be decent?

This is not a problem you need me to solve for you.

Ummmmm. um. no.


That is a lot of repetition.

I repeat myself here, but generally I mention it, as in, “I feel like I’ve said this before.” or “I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before.” Or I repeat myself purposely. Some things bear repeating.

I used to have a form of echolalia when I was a kid. I would say something and then silently repeat the exact same thing. My lips would move, mouthing the words, and everything. Only one person ever said anything to me about it. She thought it was fascinating. Maybe that qualifies as palilalia. At any rate. Now I only do it in my head. I managed to break myself of mouthing the words.

I’m sorry, but I kind of figure if you’re a super hero, you’re not going to have an “average” body type. You’re going to be toned and buff and strong enough to kick some serious bad guy ass. Not carrying around an extra 20 pounds from your last baby because you’re too busy with your life to go to the gym, which you wouldn’t do anyway, because you’re an introvert and dear God, the thought of working out in front of other humans is paralyzing. So yeah. Stop with the making super heroes look like regular people. They’re not regular people.

Bah. Daylight Saving this weekend. Like I can afford to lose another hour of sleep. I mean really.

Creeptastically awesome. But also, maybe, now that I’m thinking about it more, kind of really sad.

Maybe I’m not really a Shawl Person after all. But maybe I’m a Knit Shawls for Other People Person. Because they’re nice to knit, and they keep my hands occupied, and I like some people who probably need shawls.  I still kinda wish I was a Shawl Person though.

Why does my pasty taste so bland today? How strange.

Forgot my stupid text book. I’m going to take advantage of my unfortunate lapse and catch up on some Wallander over this lunch hour.

Wait. He’s been carrying around an empty pistol. When did he reload his magazine???

Isn’t that phrase kind of redundant?

Blah blah, special special snowflakes, everyone is a victim, down with the patriarchy, white privilege, male privilege drama drama my feelings are more important than your civil liberties blah. Am I blue in the face yet?

Whee. InDesign tutorial on Lynda. Exciting day.

Wow. You people are straight up nuts.

Um. My version doesn’t do picas, dude.

Yeeeesh. Lynda. I know all this part. It’s the same as Photoshop. Tell me crap I do not know.

I always add an e to doctor when I type it. Every time. Doctore. I have no idea why.

I cannot wait!!! But what’s with the frame moving around? That was kind of nauseating.

That’s not as many spiders as that one house. Where was that house? Georgia or something?

All these cookies and I haven’t even eaten a single one.

“You can’t be blue in the face, you’re not a Dem.” he said. hee.

I’m getting veeeeerrrrry sleeeeeepppyyyyy.

Could you just confirm that you did the thing that you already sent an email confirming that you did?

Oh man, I totally forgot about that skully knitting chart. It is sweet. I’m going to have to do a Zimmerman with a skully yoke. I can totally see it.

Kinda love it!

Alright. This has gone on long enough. Or has it.

It has. Get me to my cuppa.



  1. ScottO

    Although I don’t follow her on Twitter, I am more familiar with Anna Kendrick’s work (Up in the Air, Pitch Perfect) than WebMD’s (could be cancer).

    I totally agree about the superheroes. If they were average, they’d just be heroes. Not that heroes are average.

    Mmm, cookies.

  2. Cute n' Country

    Thank you for checking out our shirts! We love your blog and the way you just write for yourself!! Hope you have a blessed weekend!!

    • AntiJenX

      Thank you so much! I love that you stopped by. xo

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