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Random Wednesday

wm3209I can’t believe people actually eat Spam because they like it. Like it’s a regular item on their grocery list.



I don’t really get the whole Jared Leto thing.

When I unsubscribe from your email list, you don’t have to send me an email telling me I’m unsubscribed. Just unsubscribe me. The whole point here is that I don’t want your emails any more.

They’re SO beautiful!

Wow. So. Much. Dumb.

“The case never seemed to be anything more than a dispute between unsavory characters.”

I love these.

Yeah. Chris Pratt and Chris Evans? You guys are awesome.

It’s too bad I can’t include the doodles here. Like that bat. That bat is cute. It’s a cute bat. Not as cute as the stick people. But cute.

I get the weirdest spam.

I think it’s hilarious. I also think that the majority of the human race has apparently lost their sense of humor entirely.

I would like to know where this magical fantasy land is.

Daylight Saving Time still not plural. Still totally sucks, but still not plural.

These are really cute.

“Sometimes I’ve needed a place with no standards because I needed Diet Coke more than I needed self respect”


Chickens! The porch is not your home!

As long as the Clintons are never held responsible for the laws they break, they’re just going to keep breaking the law.

This guy has used the phrase inter alia approximately twelvety times in the last 10 pages. It’s a little obnoxious.

That was an incredibly thoughtless and lame move. It doesn’t even occur to you to consider other people’s feelings, does it?

It is tremendously difficult to eat right now. But I’m starving.

“The Story of Clinton v. Jones” is not nearly as scintillating as one might think. I can barely keep my eyes open.

I need to squeeze in a Buffy marathon between the end of spring and the beginning of summer I.

I don’t think there oughta be a law or anything, but I have thought on many occasions that it’s just plain dumb not to have changing tables in men’s rooms.

The dog is my favorite.

“Princess Kate: ‘I sometimes forget I’m pregnant.'” And now I officially hate you.

Oh! I should make the deathflake as patches for that sweater with the holey elbows! That would be so cute!

I wish I could just knit all day. That would be the happiest thing ever. Just knitting. And reading. And maybe throw in some Netflix marathon of some kind. Yep. Maybe if I ever get to retire, I’ll spend my retirement that way. If I’m not too arthritic.

I’ve always said I’m the uncoolest. My life is utterly mine, though. I’m spectacularly boring.

What a beautiful photograph of Leonard Nimoy.

I don’t get American holiday meals. Why do we eat turkey on Thanksgiving and ham on Easter? Why can’t we have lasagne or something? It’s just boring. Also ham makes me super queasy.

ruthlessly logical

I would have waited. That’s all.

I dunno. I do not think the Republicans should have sent that letter. All they had to do was simply not ratify any treaty. I think it was kind of immature.

Having a Quest bar for dinner because it’s the only thing soft enough to eat in this house that isn’t soup. I hate soup. I think I’ll wash it down with a protein shake. sigh

60 degrees by Friday?! Yes please!!


Man. I feel pretty craptastic.

I love this shawl I’m working on for the knit along. I might have to keep this one. Also I should prolly post a photo to Ravelry. Actually I should do that for the Owligan as well. This weekend. For sure, this weekend.

Whenever I’ve tried to meditate I just fall asleep. My sleep is not generally especially meditative.

I hope this case brief is acceptable now. I think I just decided not to put any more effort into it. I have another nine page paper to write by the 9th.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!! yes yes yes yes yes

I need to put together this book list for my independent study. And hope it’s approved.

And buy that ridiculously overpriced math book.

They’re conducting a post mortem on our …

WordPress thinks mortem is not a word.

I like cowboys too.

I prolly won’t turn that skein into a cake either.

“Why are you crying?”
“I just read a story that smacked me with the feels real hard.”

Sorry, sister. I’m pretty sure he’s a libertarian, not a Republican.

I don’t think a couple of those people are American citizens. Which means they can’t be registered Republican OR Democrat.

But what do I know.

I should take my kinderwalrus to work. He should live on my desk.

I wouldn’t want to get hit with all those encyclopedias.

Why do they call it the roast?

Because I’m in the mood.

So. sew. sooooooo.        .so.

Just so.


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  1. ScottO

    If there are people who like fish, there are bound to be people who like Spam®.

    I don’t even know what the thing is.

    Ugh. That happens sooooo often.

    What would be really funny is if those instructions were in women’s sportswear.

    I’m sorry.

    DW has declared that this will be a corned-beef-free St. Patrick’s Day. Fine with me. I hate cooked cabbage.

    I’m surprised WP didn’t balk at alia.


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