wm woofThis is so neat!I love before and after photos and this is the coolest presentation of that that I’ve ever seen.

Oh my goodness. Back pockets are there for a reason, people.

I have hit that point where I have so much to do I can’t do anything at all.

I know it’s Michigan and all, but I just don’t think I should have to experience 36 degrees in May.

My desk is chaos. Chaos!

I have a list of all the words you use incorrectly. It hurts my soul.

Oh man. Now I want to hear the Singles soundtrack. I need that in my life today.

Oh look, it’s on Youtube. hee

Ha. “And if you don’t retch imagining yourself in bed with Evan Dando, I don’t want to know you.”

Well. Today is just chock full of surprises.

You should get a weekly per diem for scotch and M&Ms, (not that you have time for either).

I can’t even tell you. I just. Wow.

I can’t even believe how busy I am. I think Random is getting shafted today.

I just want to knit and nap. Why can’t that be a job?

ZOMG. They’re BOGO Free today!!!! I’m so coveting all the things.

I’m so completely jealous of both of you right now. le sigh

I had never heard of this chick before, but I kinda dig her.

I’m sorry but this is just straight up a stupid math problem. Seriously.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

Damn. I wish I still had some iced tea.

Damn. I wish I didn’t have to stop at Wal-Mart.

Damn. I wish I was your lover.

Just kidding.

Why is it so dark in here?

My head is really starting to hurt. I’m pretty sure Wal-Mart is not going to help with that.

C-Span2 needs an Instagram account.

Damn, I love a Rand Paul filibuster.

I did not even know that that was my problem until I read that thing. Damn.

I cannot remember the last time I felt this disorganized. It’s making me nutty.

I really really really love this skirt.

I got a lotta Damn in me today. Apparently.


Perspicacious. I like that word.

Well we can obviously grow delicious asparagus in our yard. Maybe we should become asparagus farmers.


Stormagegm n2r1`ew

Stormageddon had to get in on Random. So there you go.


Of course now he won’t stop …

I’m cold. And also tired. Very very tired.

Just take your damn hat off.

Well. You got yourself a new photographer. Ok then.

I remember. I remember. Didn’t we go to the zoo that day? All my crayons melted in the back window inside my bag. That was a brand new box of crayons. I was so sad. But the melted wax was awful neat. I didn’t know that would happen. I didn’t know.

I remember.

I’m pretty sure that’s a girl bike.

But it’s a jungle out there.