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Random Wednesday

wm4380“You know how people talk about unconditional love for your children…. Isn’t that just a fluffy name for Stockholm Syndrome?”

I hate refillable water bottles. I can never drink out of them without dribbling. I think it’s the width of the mouth of the bottle. Also it’s possible I’m a dork.

I’m reasonably certain you didn’t mean that the way it came across, but yeah. And so the Mister sent me this, because funny.

Magazine: “Maybe smoking doesn’t kill after all.”
B: “He didn’t die from smoking! He died from a Hell Fire Missile in the face! Everybody knows what he DIDN’T die from.”

Oh my God. Go home, Ted Cruz.

It’s always an “activist court” when you disagree with the ruling, regardless of which side you’re sitting on.

OK, it’s not that I hate Captain Janeway so much as I hate Kate Mulgrew.

You are: 0% Hippie You are soooo not a hippie, and to be honest, you really don’t see the appeal. You like showering regularly and enjoying the convince of modern life. Attending a multi-day music festival with jam bands and hallucinogens is your definition of hell. You like things clean and organized and you like having access to private bathrooms. And why would someone want to purposely have hair so dirty that it clumps together into dreads?

The convince of modern life? OK. But yeah, that’s pretty much right on.

I want to know who put me on Ted Cruz’s mailing list. So I can punch you.

The best comment I’ve seen about this photo: “It’s like a sociopath detector.”

I don’t know how I feel about this blue highlighter.

Caitlyn Jenner is way better at high heels than I am.

el oh el

I just think it’s weird when Canadians start expressing their opinions on the American political system, as if they had intimate knowledge of what it’s like to live in a Constitutional Republic. I certainly don’t go around talking about how I think Canadia should run itself.

I’m always thoroughly convinced for a good minute that they’re planning to abduct me and take me off to a re-education camp. I know, it’s hilarious, but I’m totally serious.

MATH: The Final Exam

Life had an unusual number of redheads in the episodes.

This cannot possibly be a for real article. It has to be a joke. Right? Because OMFG.

disco passionate

Aaaaaand breathe a very deep, very big sigh of HELL YES. Math is over.

Huh. I watched this movie and have absolutely no memory of Nicolas Cage in it at all. And he was the lead.

I don’t know. I just have some issues with endorsing that big a pile of bullshit.

Oh hey! It’s July 1st. New payscale goes into effect today.

Western looked at what I do and decided that I have been significantly underpaid, lo these many years. Underpaid. Who knew? Oh wait …

Why the hell am I so hungry?

There is only so much dumb a girl can take, really.

I honestly cannot decide if I like Glen Hansard or not.

After listening to whatever the hell that was I’m thinking not.

Ask me why I always vote no on school funding increases. Go ahead. Ask me. It’s because of bullshit like this.

haven’t lost my voice

Um. I’m reasonably certain that this form was not submitted on the 29th of October, 1930.

Oh my God. I can read whatever I want right now. But there are so many books piled up waiting for me that I can’t decide! I CAN’T DECIDE!!! sob

OMG Hilary Clinton. Go home. Just go home.

Um. Huh. I’m saying that a lot today.

Oh my God. I’m so tired. Sooooooo tired.

I’ve always thought this house was hideous from the outside. Now I know it’s hideous on the inside as well.

Just in time to say goodbye.

I love this shirt so much.

Damn. I should have bought some milk.

milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk

OK. OK OK OK. Dresden it is. Stop yelling at me.


It’s soooooo easy to fall asleep when I’m trying to get Stormageddon to fall asleep. For me. It’s easy for me. He’d stay up all night if I let him.

That was weird.

And that was perplexing.

Dude. Trust me on this. My proofreading skills are worth every penny.

I am so not prepared to be in the car for that long again. I am, however, prepared for the deliciousness of Chick-fil-A. We really need a Chick-fil-A.


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  1. ScottO

    Funny, I remember that’s Cage. I just always forget that’s Cusack.

    Heh. I glanced over a community cork board today, and was very tempted to put up a notice of my own offering proofreading services. *scream*

    At least you can get to Chick-fil-A by car.

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