wm5284I don’t know about objectifiable. Certainly objectionable.

Oh! I like these little arrow tabby thingies.

“What did you get?”
Notion duty.

So I’m listening to this God awful Michael Sandel podcast in which he’s asking his audience about health care and coercion, etc. Some guy stands up and talks about how we can’t have a functioning democracy without an educated citizenry. People can’t participate in a democracy if they don’t have a (public) education, if they are uninformed on the issues. Apparently he doesn’t know anything about this country and the fact that the vast sorry majority of the electorate are uninformed voters. The vast sorry majority of the electorate do not take the time to learn about the issues and the impact of the pending legislation and the actions of the people being elected. But yeah, public education is super important. Sure.

The common thread here? “It’s not fair.”

I’ve seen all kinds of liberal outrage over some lion no one’s ever heard of. I’ve seen not one blink of a liberal eye over the selling of fetal body parts. Y’all have some interesting priorities.

glad i deg

I think I was sort of hoping it would turn out to be some beautifully, unexpectedly visually poetic treasure. But it’s just a regular Instagram, with nothing terribly compelling about it at all.

Stupid tiny donuts.

You people are ridiculous. I mean seriously. Ridiculous.

This conversation took an unexpected turn. And now I am sad. I can’t help it that I can’t be more human than the human that I am.

I won’t say it if you won’t say it first.

Faen. I need to switch to that from my current F word.

I would like a manicure.

But. Captain America and Iron Man don’t even *wear* capes.

Curse you, Hammer Chicken!

“DNA doesn’t mean much. ‘less you’re being tried for murder …”

I thought that was a fancy cake.

I thought that said Michigan photo bomb.

There. I win.

Sunflowers are my favorite.

Dock! This totally made me think of you!

Cow eyeball man isn’t real, y’all.

Hell’s Bells. That first Batman cake is SWEET. No pun intended.

So many voices so desperate to be heard.

I found this interesting.

Ugh. I think the guy that’s secretly living in my building made fish last night after everyone left. I hate that.

I miss Rocky Road cereal.

chop suey cthullu

“Public education is the Soviet agriculture of American life.”

How do you know you can’t see them if you can’t see them?

W, looking at Evil Spock: “You can tell he’s evil by the eyebrows.”
“Dude. You can tell he’s evil by the goatee. Those are his regular eyebrows.”
“Really? I thought they were evil eyebrows.”

I bet you’ve never actually read that comic, have you?

I don’t know why people think Rothbard is anti-capitalist.

This dude cracked me up. “The people that know you don’t really like ya anyway.”

You spelled edition wrong.

Ha. Lake Monsters.

Ha. Benedict Cumberbatch. I knew it. “Not content with being blessed with a singular mind you proceed to behave in as anti-social and provocative a manner as possible … You’re not quite the imperious snoot you’d like everyone to believe you are, and you’re all the better for it.”

“Independent study eh? What are you studying?”
“I’m sorry, but that does NOT sound exciting!”

I’ll take the moon phase bracelet please.

Just when I think I’ve experienced the single most annoying thing ever, I get two, not one, TWO mosquito bites on the same damn elbow.

Sorry lady, but you’d have to pay me to go to that bar, and I know you don’t make that kind of money.

I miss letters. Still.

Nope. No one seems to be noticing.

Marshall Crenshaw! I want to go see Marshall Crenshaw!

What an asshat.

Wait. I think I might be in the wrong story.

Wow. These people never compliment my outfits. Thanks, lady.

Stupid humidity. Stupid hair.



I emailed the coach, the athletic director, and the president of the university. I don’t give a furry rat’s ass about how we look on ESPN, but I do care about the Invisible Need Project. I can’t believe I just did that. I bet they all ignore me.

Yeah, this is pretty much hilarious and true.

OK, “mic drop” has officially entered the Overused File.

Now it’s stuck in my head. sigh.


I miss those frames the you used to be able to put on your Instagram pictures. I wish they’d bring those back.

you were far away and i didn’t ask you why

It’s not a secret message from my teeth.

It’s a good thing that saved before I hit the stupid power switch with my toe. It’s a pretty hefty Random to lose to dumb.

It’s all very silent film-esque.

I wish I had Jen’s hair. Not me. Another Jen.

I wish I could lose this 25 pounds.

I wish I didn’t wish for things like that.

I think I’m being phased out of my family.

Oh hey, that’s my aunt’s husband. Best in the world.

I dunno. I’ve been watching a lot of Medium. Honing my psycho skills. Or something.

Wow, everybody really likes this shirt. It is not one of my favorites. Ironical.

OMG, Chris Christie. Go home. No one is going to elect you. No one.

i would have to have been a thing?

That’s not like someone else’s CULTURE and I get to appreciate society and Thank you!! ~ JenniferBot

Well that was fast.

But I don’t want a mammogram, ma’am.

Oh my God, that was hilarious.

I kept my tinfoil hat, too.

Ha. Slutty drowning victims. I never like Nagel either.

“What is that thing you’re typing into?”
“My blog.”
“So you just, like, type random things into it and post it?”
“Um. Have you met me?”
*conversation with Miss W.

Oh my hell. I el oh elled.

Hey. I said it was an embarrassing music request, didn’t I? Yes I did.

I guess everybody needs a hobby

Is that all there is?

This will be a lot of very pissed off at the end.