wm 5505Now is the time on Sprockets when we have something in our eye and it won’t go away.

Ooooh! I love this book series. And Michael Fassbender is so lunchable.

I am not an advocate of the double space. I think 1.5 is more than sufficient.

This song is about a minute too long.

I’m sure he’s a perfectly lovely fella, but I’m not a medium.


I dunno. People see it’s my sprogs and damn hell bathrooms and they’re all “yeah, maybe not so much.”

Honestly. Do you not understand how Google works? Do you need a tutorial?

For a minute, I honestly could not remember how to spell speak.

OMG just kill me already. I totally cried. I’m not even gonna lie.

Every time I see pictures from Burning Man I immediately think of Tank Girl.

Huh. I completely forgot about Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows.

Ha. Shy Red Rover.

Oh my God. It’s like my worst nightmare.


I feel like I must be missing something. I thought this reading was supposed to be “challenging”.

What the damn hell. I had finally gotten to the point where I got maybe 20 spams a week. Now all of a sudden BOOM. I’m getting upwards of 50 a day. I am not happy.

“Hi Jen, May you …?” No. Not until you stop misusing modal verbs. English is not your second language.

Who the hell is Emily Blunt?

Oh, Johnny Depp. Just stop. Please. Trust me on this. Just stop.

Nice subtle nod to Buffy in that episode of Criminal Minds from Season 10. I love that kind of stuff.

The only thing I like about Chrome is the built in PDF converter for the web pages. That is a handy m’fer.

And what’s with all the animated emoji nonsense in spam subject lines now? God. So irritating.

Just seems to me like if you are a school bus driver, it ought to be standard operating procedure to check the bus before you lock it up and leave for the day. Standard operating procedure and common sense. Make sure the bus is empty. Walk through it. Just. Man. It adds what? Maybe a full minute to your work day? Maybe?

been stuck on my mind lately

That is probably my favorite Waits song of all.

Then again, some people don’t seem to mind.

But I don’t want a personal loan.

So … you’re basically prostituting yourselves? Maybe it’s not explicitly sexual, but you are demanding men pay you for your time. I mean, I don’t have a problem with that. I think prostitution should be legal. I’m just saying I think if you look at what you’re doing logically, it’s sort of antithetical to what you think feminism is. Isn’t it? But whatever. A fool and his money and all that …

Trapped in a meeting in which at least 5 of the 9 attendees were chewing gum. With their mouths open. And everyone had on so much cologne and perfume I could literally taste it. And now my head is killing me and my chest feels like I’ve been chain smoking.

What? That can’t be right.

I know people have their panties in a twist about this, but really, how is this any different than what marketing companies or ad agencies do? People are all “they’re going to perform experiments on us!” It doesn’t even imply that anywhere in this order. I am not a fan of the executive order complex, but really. I think y’all need to just calm down a little on this one. I dunno. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is some far more sinister conspiracy of evil than I’m seeing. I doubt it though.

This isn’t Minority Report, people. Stop living like it is.

great. now this is going to be in my head all day. oh well.

OK, whatever. That’s just cute. You can’t deny that.

Y’all need to calm down with the pumpkin everything.

I really do not like that perfume you’re wearing.

Here’s a little known chronic migraine suffering fact: We’re exceptionally sensitive to odors and fragrances. It’s not fun.

Tell someone to buy this house. But not someone who will complain about the shooting.

Why yes. I will eat this Peperridge Farms Milano cookie.

Oh it’s air freshener. Well it’s awful. Seriously awful.

Oh my God! Obviously I need this.

I feel like I’m trapped in a giant bag of SweeTARTS. I may never be able to eat SweeTARTS again.

ce pas est une horloge

“The political philosophy of imperfection.”

They need their licenses revoked.

No. No.           Nope. Still no.

ha ha. eggs.

That’s OK. I didn’t need that chunk of skin on my face anyway.

Oh right. I have to go shoot things tomorrow. You’d think I’d be looking forward to it more. You’d think.

pew pew pew