wm5802‘The Discover Discovery workshop, “Taking Inventory: Establishing and Utilizing your Discovery Plan”‘ What the hell does that even mean?

My tennis shoes and socks are all askew, as if someone has been wearing them after I leave.

I think people like me are wired differently. I’ve mentioned my hyper awareness and sensitivity to scents and odors. I can totally smell my own house and my own self all the time. Just ask the Mister.

Why do I always want to put an H in discord?

Well. There you go.

I will stand there all day and sell t shirts for you if it gets me out of this office. By golly.

Well. At least you can always turn to FB in your hour of “need.”

I don’t know if this is real or not, but it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve read in ages.

I love Dolly Parton.

Wow, I’ve had a lot of Mental Floss links lately.


I could use a nap.

I could almost always use a nap, if we’re being honest.

Far too many cute bags in the world. I want this for a purse.

Sorry, but I hated being pregnant too. I have never been more miserable, either time. For people to say “shut up and be grateful” is awful. I am grateful that I have two beautiful children, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. But it doesn’t negate the experience of being sick as hell for 10 months, dislocated ribs, migraines, and on and on. Stop being so freaking judgy.

I hate staff meetings so much. So so much.

Shut. Up. Sign me up right now.

Dammit dammit dammit. I don’t have it yet. Dammit.

Oh please.

I mean sure, SNL sucks, but not because it mocked that buffoon, Bernie Sanders. It sucks because it’s just not funny any more. Hasn’t been for years.

Oh wow. I forgot how funny Whose Line is it Anyway? could be.

I guess I’m gonna have to know where I’m going.

97%? Really?         Really?

What? I wasn’t gonna kill ‘im!

Carly Fiorina might be winning me over. Maybe. Possibly.

I had never even heard the phrase “fisking” before and now I’ve heard it in 3 different contexts in the last 2 days. So weird. But Larry’s responses to this ridiculousness are hi-larious.

You guys. It’s so close. SO CLOSE. Just donate. Just do it. Dooooo eeeeet. And I’ll make that red sweater and I’ll get all Sherilynn Fenn dolled up and post a pic. Probably.

I think this might be a short Random day. Maybe. Possibly.

I like some of these quite a lot.

I’m tired of standing at this counter.

Gosh it’s nice to be able to sit on this here chaise for to do some studyin’.

I wish I had some hot apple cider. And a donut. And a cold and rainy day.

OK. Interwebs are weird. Time to hang it up.

“Yeah, but this guy’s a nice socialist!”


Maybe I am. Maybe I should officially take that test. Maybe. Possibly.