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Random Wednesday

IMG_20150929_093943I couldn’t find a picture for today so you get a damn hell jentober. Sorry.

I had no idea that curds and whey was actually cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese is revolting.

I can’t see a thing. Thanks for distracting me from grabbing my readers, Stormageddon. Argh.

David Cross creeps me out.

I wonder if we still get a free ID replacement once a year. This photo looks nothing like me but I’m not paying 25 bux for a new one if they’re going to charge me.

The Halloween Tree is such a great story.

This ponytail is not due to humidity. It is due to my not washing my damn hair.

I hate washing my hair.

Sheeeeesh. Don’t scare me like that!

I ain’t no Goddamn sonuvabitch.

Bleah. Bleah I tell you. Bleah.

So this reading is all about how the super rich suck, the government is in their pocket, and God help us if we don’t make the union super strong again. Good times.

Nothing tastes good today. It must be my attitude. My terrible terrible attitude. It is tainting everything. EVERYTHING.

Yeah, I don’t even know what this mood is called. But I’m smiling.

smile smile smile i’m so nice it’s scary smile smile

I better stock up on canned pumpkin. What if I want pumpkin bread in January? What? I make really good pumpkin bread. Sometimes I want it in January. Or July. On a Tuesday.

Wow. I can’t believe how much of my day was eaten up by … I don’t even know what.

I was just reminded that I am not at all average and that my life is worth chronicling. That I make people happy. That I have value to people who appreciate my friendship. And that reminder was something that I super extra needed on account of shortly before that I was reminded that literally no one in my office likes me.

I need to decide what Halloweeny thing to wear tomorrow.

Oooooh! I get to shoot things tomorrow! pew pew pew!

I don’t know about that.

it takes an ocean not to break

I guess I’d have to give back that Mac. Oh. Well.

Well hello there beautiful reading glasses! How I’ve missed you so today.

There was that house set back off the interstate. Am I imagining it? The adults always told me it was a haunted house that you could only visit at Halloween, but they wouldn’t take me because I was too young. A big white house with black doors. Maybe I dreamt the whole thing up, but I remember driving by it and just staring at it out the window. I really wanted to go inside.

Ack. An Elmo documentary?!

“You know this Halloween dance is at a church, right?”
“That’s OK I don’t have to take part in their cult activities.”

Dammit! I was hoping to avoid campus on Homecoming Saturday, but now I have to drive right into it. Curses!

I still have no idea what to wear tomorrow.

My eyes are all burny.

I guess sometimes it’s OK for Random to be short. I dunno. I always feel like I’m letting someone down. I’ll try harder next time! I’ll think more things! I’ll be more disjointed and rambly!

Don’t get all Yoda on me. I’m a Star Trek girl.

Peace and long life.



  1. phlegmfatale

    But I love cottage cheese!
    That dress is fabulous, as are you.

    • AntiJenX

      Bleah. I cannot deal with the texture. Gag city. And thank you 🙂 You made my day!

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