wm IMG_20151006_172207Nobody needs vagina emojis. Ever.


I don’t need silver cowgirl boots. I’m pretty sure.

This is so awesome.

I’m sorry but you are mistaken. Dr. Pepper is not “basically Cherry Coke”. Dr. Pepper doesn’t taste anything at all like Cherry Coke.

I love my Kitchen Aid mixer.

It’s all part of my Master Plan. Probably.

Do I have a Master Plan?

Fascinating. I’d be interested in reading her book. Also what a hella cool job.

Honestly, how is it even possible to run out of room in Gmail? And yet, here I am. I’m like a hoarder but in the virtual world.

I am so disappointed in this class. I really am. And I did not have high expectations in the first place.

I am not getting sick. I am not getting sick. I am not getting sick.

You’re all Hitchcocked.
That’s a new verb. Fucked in a spectacularly creepy way.”

Oooh! I want a Goldwater t shirt!

Aw! Want! And also want!

You should really stop making these assumptions. Your track record so far has been singularly unimpressive.

I don’t know why you’re all so freaked out about the basement. I wish my office was down there.

Thank you for your kind words.

Huh. I still need a photo.

On the off chance I might be changing spaces of a work variety, I could really really use one of these, if you please.

Wow. It’s like a disease.

Maybe I should randomly move Random permanently to Thursday.

Ha, just kidding.

She completely skipped an amendment in her Constitutional worksheet.

Blue blue blue lovely blue

most unexpected

Dude. You are such an old woman.

All I’m saying is, there are other economists out there who might present a more balanced look at things, or at least an alternative. Enough with the hero worship of Hacker and Pierson. Why not throw a little Milton Friedman in there to make things interesting? Some Thomas Sowell maybe. A little broken window theory from Hayek perhaps. Throw some von Mises around just for kicks. But noooooo. It’s all Hacker and Pierson and Marx and Wolff and blah blah blah workers self directed enterprises blah.

I mean we’re not even reading The Law. Which, frankly, is shorter than some of this garbage we are reading. So it’s not like there isn’t time in the schedule. How about one less socialist and one more Bastiat?


Oooooh I get to test the cutest little pattern for Stormageddon! I can’t wait til my yarn gets here. I hope she does the adult size soon!

I need some brown eyeliner to do my Halloween make up. I have to remember to pick some up tomorrow. Except I won’t. So I’ll have to remember Friday.

I’m not very good at this Influenster thing. But it’s fun.

I am not getting sick. I am not getting sick. I am not getting sick.

I’m sooooo sl

Dammit! I have an exam in the morning. I hate that stupid class.

I like the stars.

I am going to freeeeeeze in the Halloween dress tomorrow.

What’s that Buffalo Tom song …

I’m reasonably certain that it’s just too late for another cup of tea.

This boy is having a terrible dream.

Freeze tomorrow. Hell I’m freezing now.

I dunno people. Carly’s making me like her. Rand’s got some competition. Or something.

Which reminds me I have to vote no on some stuff Tuesday.

no no no