wm6276This is actually a really beautiful cover of the Queen song.

I love that Queen album. I wish I still had it.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not sure that this is really the message you want your underpants to be sending …

shiftless. idle.

Running behind schedule this morning.

I don’t think children who are starving need sugar packets.

I probably am addicted to these Quest bars. Maybe.

I tend to grow on people. Like a fungus.

nope nope nothing nope

“Hey. Sign language is the only language that everyone in this world can speak.           Except people that are Helen Keller.”

All I’m saying is I would never spend $250 to see Gloria Steinem. I can think of about twelvety-seven other things to spend that kind of money on.

The time change is dumb. The time change is dumb. The time change is dumb. The time change is dumb.

Oooh! I wonder if I’ll get a hat!


Spinny chairs should be outlawed in meetings.

New Star Trek series. What. It better not be animated is all I can say. Or have anything to do with Kate Mulgrew. Or Louise Fletcher.

Is Louise Fletcher still alive?

“The first step toward success is identifying your own leadership strengths.”

It’s always the same people. At least I expect them to be slackers. At least I’m not disappointed.

OMG. Hi-larious.

What the hell is this “moments” deal on Twitter? And hearts instead of stars? It’s all a little too emotional for me, thanks.

She abbreviated capitalism as kap.

I can’t help it if I am the only person at the meeting who didn’t laugh at your joke. I don’t think you’re funny. I’ll fake a smile all day long in this office, but I’m not going to fake a laugh at your lame joke.

Everyone may make jokes except Jennifer.

“Motivation can never be forced. People have to want to do a good job.”

She is singularly unpleasant. I deserve a Medal of Courageous Restraint for my customer service skills dealing with that woman.

I love Fortune Fish.

Yeah. The thing is, I just don’t care.

But. She’s totally wearing makeup. I mean you can clearly see that she’s wearing makeup. She’s just wet. She’s made up and wet. What is it with you people and this “stunning make up free!” nonsense?

Wait, there’s an actual Amazon bookstore now?

I feel compelled to ask.

“There’s nothing more effective and rewarding than showing a genuine interest in other people.”

el oh el

Never invite the reporters on the bus.

I find these specially designed muffin containers hilarious.

|A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what is in front of it.|

OMG I think I’m in love with this muffin.

I dunno. I could go for waffles and bacon. It’s true.

Cos he totally would. Right? Right. Uh huh. Sure.

I think it’s interesting that the only things – fliers, sidewalk chalkings, etc. – that get defaced on this campus are the things posted by the conservative or libertarian student groups. Today the Students for Life’s chalk messages were all crossed out and re-written and people actually yelled at them in chalk. Interesting.

“He’s definitely in a rip off his clothes phase.”

Gah. I need jeans. I hate jean shopping. I hate it SO MUCH. Gah.

There has been something in my eye for houuuuuurrrrs.

I need to stop eating that for dinner. I always feel like a house afterward and I kinda hate myself.

I mean, you know how I feel about hugging, but if a kid wants to give his or her friend a hug, and that friend is cool with it, shut the fuck up, you know?

I may or may not have started getting a little choked up listening to Once More With Feeling on the drive home and Buffy starting singing about how she was pretty sure she was in heaven.

Man. Close my eyes and sit still for five minutes and I am out.