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Random Wednesday

wm 6517I’m pretty sure I have goals and ambitions beyond just wanting to survive one more day in this office. Maybe. Possibly.

Want please. Large.

If I am answering two questions and each answer should be two to five pages in length, how can the final length of the paper be five to seven pages? Wouldn’t it be four to ten pages?

Course we all know how I ain’t got a head for math …

“You got Not a Democratic Socialist. Nope. You’re definitely not a democratic socialist, and all this talk about expanding government probably has you looking over your shoulder. You think that the economy is functioning pretty well as it is, and the best way to improve things would be to get the government out of the way.”

I cannot possibly stay awake should I attempt to read Livy now. Must caffeinate.

I spelled that caffeintate.

I dunno. I just don’t think that that is a very good motto to live your life by. Tends to lead to bitter old hagdom, if you ask me.

I keep thinking I should do a Blurb book of the best Random posts. I know I’ve mentioned it more than once. Of course there’s the question of time.

That’s the problem. I have all these really awesome ideas for things I want to do and I have to keep telling myself, “Just hang on til August. Just graduate. Then you can do whatever you want with all that time.”

It seems so far away.

In the meantime, maybe I should ask people to vote for their favorite Random.

in the meantime

I want to go buy yarn for two new projects for two people I love, but it’s Black Friday, and the thought of leaving the house is terrifying.

I spelled that throught.

There are people who have leftover mashed potatoes?

Hostius Hostilius. That’s quite a name. I wonder if that’s where the word hostile derives from.

I think a Hot Zombie Road Trip – the Second Coming is totally in order.

I don’t recall anyone asking you, honey.

No, really. Can knitting just be my for real full time job please?

Mettius Fufetius sounds like one of those rhyming songs. Banana-fana-fofefetifana …

Sooooooooooooo sleepy. It’s all cold again. It was so great yesterday when it was 60. Now it’s 43. *sob*

As much as I’m enjoying Livy, I wouldn’t mind vegging out in front of the TV for a lot of hours. Buffy marathon. Maybe a movie. And fall asleep. I don’t do that kind of thing these days.

I should have taken Latin.

Mongolian Folk Metal? That’s a thing?

Damn. I don’t have quite enough yarn to finish this project. So that’s three things I need yarn for.

Maybe I can brave the stores tomorrow. Tomorrow might be slightly safer. Maybe. Possibly.

I probably need to put another sweater on.

Hate pizza!

No, it isn’t ironic. That’s not what irony is.

I dunno. I think it would make you cranky too.

I’m thankful for stuff all the time.



  1. Jules

    Clearly Michael didn’t eat in the homes of those with leftover mashed potatoes!

  2. ScottO

    People’s favorites are the ones they commented on, no?

    I wish I knew Latin, too. Eh bien, le français sera assez bon.

    • AntiJenX

      You’re really the only one who ever comments.

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