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every little bit helps …

This place makes me so jittery.

I feel completely off kilter.

Kilter is an interesting word. I like the way it sounds.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy. So very many emails. Holy hell.

It’s pretty dreamy.

I thought that was a blanket. It is not. It would be a cool blanket.

Nothing like getting ambushed in a meeting to start your new year out right. Whee.

Just to totally change the subject for a minute.

I should have just left this laptop at home today.

Argh. Dropbox. Headache. Argh.

I’m neglecting you. It’s tragic.

Ok, maybe not tragic. But ooph.

I can’t believe I was nominated for that. I’m honored and confused.

I don’t know how I ended up in charge of this thing, but it just might be the  death of me. I think it’s because no one else wanted to deal with the artists.

It would have been so much more helpful if you had done this before the time I actually requested that you be here. ARGH. This day just gets better and better.

Oooh! I’m definitely going to have to make that sweater. Fo sho.

Because Lord knows I haven’t had enough waffles lately.

I have a headache and I am floundering.

I dunno though. I would LOVE to go to DC and meet with all those people. Even if they are Democrats.

Campbell’s Kuerig soup. I bet it ends up tasting like coffee. Just like when you try to make tea in the Keurig.

Coffee soup. Bleah.

I’m sorry. I totally just laughed at your ironic typo.

I just. There is nothing appealing about Lena Dunham. Nothing.

How is it that terrorists and whatever always use iPhones for their detonators on tv? Like iPhones are just twenty bucks at the corner store or the gas station or something. I want the kind of funding television terrorists are getting, man.

Speaking of iPhones. Sign me up. I wonder if they’ll work for Androids as well. Does it say that? I really only skimmed it.

I’m so tired. I’m so tired. I’m so tired.

cos i can’t get it out of my head lately

I probably got added to some gubmint list for talking about television terrorists.

I was probably already on some gubmint list. They probably won’t even let me in DC in the first place, even if I am chosen for the program.

Yeah, that’s not supposed to do that.

Yes. Tomorrow is a better bet. Except the lunatic might be here, so that could throw some monkeys in my wrenches. Or some wrenches in my monkeys. Or some monkey wrenches in my barrels.

My tummy is all gurgly.

Gary Johnson just entered the race, eh? Hmm. He’s probably too late for the Michigan ballot. Again. Gorram pothead.

I always picture a charnel house as being more like an abattoir, I guess. But it isn’t at all.

Someone needs to update that John Casey 2012 pic to 2016. Because John Casey 2016!!

That’s like Bonanza or somethin’.

Oooh! Everything about this sounds appealing to me. Ooooh! Here’s a video.

Wait. Where do Phineas and Ferb get their funding? Elevators to the moon ain’t cheap, my friend.

So much for that rock and roll fantasy.

Wonderful. Not a single swipe pad works in this building. I cannot lock nor can I unlock a single solitary room in my building. Fabulous. But oh! They’re so much better than the old fashioned key system! The building can be locked down in the event of an active shooter! … Thereby trapping us all here with said shooter, but that’s beside the point, right?

Um yeah. It’s not a gala. It’s not even close to a gala.

I guess everybody’s got to be good at something.

Response Ability

I really like this wallet.

strangeness in the proportion

Bummer drag.

I need my ear buds STAT!

STAT. What a weird word.

I’m not really worried about the ethics of the thing.

So. Much. Email.

Needs it.

I thought that said chronic. I have no idea why.

My tooth hurts. Dammit.

I like how Amazon has categorized Hunter S. Thompson’s Better than Sex as a “reference book”.

Issue No. 1 of the Sandman is what got me hooked on Neil Gaiman.

I’m pretty sure there’s been some kind of mistake, as I was not included on this “hottest libertarian women” list. I mean, come on.

Oh Lord. Another wrench. Or moneky. Or whatever. That is not how you spell monkey.

That totally made me el oh el.

Oh good. You want me here late again. AGAIN. That is not how it is supposed to work the first week back. le sigh.

I can’t end this on this note. Note. Where is this guy?

You guys. You kill me with your whole “down with capitalism!” rants when you actually make your living solely through the vehicle of capitalism. That is some serious cognitive dissonance happening there.

I need to make a decision about this interview. I think I’m probably the wrong person for this program. As kick ass as it is to be nominated by the poli sci department chair. I had no idea he thought so highly of me!

Well that took some digging. Why would you even want to start that?

Just runnin’ in circles, all the time.