framedThat’s an old pic for you. I was a bit thinner then. I’d like to be that thin again. le sigh.


I’m not crazy!

oh man, look at those cavemen go

Oh I like that nail polish!

I can’t believe I got out of the active shooter presentation. But really. When you’ve sat through all three variations and have been to four presentations, how much more can you possibly learn? What they should be doing is allowing me to carry on campus. But that will never happen here.

Spoke too soon. Had to sit through the last half. Still a waste of time.

She just said “Take a breather, girl” and pronounced breather like breath with an er on the end and a hard th. Brether. Like brother with another e.

I think this might be my favorite Bowie thing ever. Maybe. If I had to limit myself to just one thing. But no. I can’t. There’s just too much. So this is one of my favorite things ever.

I can’t believe you’re annoyed about this. I mean that’s just really a stretch. You really have to try, have to dig deep, to come up with annoyance over this.

I don’t know. I’m pretty sure this is looking like you have some kind of personal vendetta. It’s getting weird.

That woman is addicted to talking shit to death.

I just wasted 4 days creating a schedule for around 100 people based on the information I was given which was wrong.

You know what? I’m giving up on today. I’m done. This is ridiculous.

Let’s start over.

i know a government man

I need food. It’s 12:40. I’m starving. I should go on lunch. I’ve been too busy for lunch. le sigh.

I think I’ma Randomly post this tomorrow. Again. Because reasons, yo.

I don’t feel good about Random today. That makes me sad.

Peanut butter cookies, however, make me very happy.

I don’t think I’m speaking the same language as you. I just do not understand what you just said.

just for one day

I love these satellite photos of the Mitten in winter, even though I am freezing my arse off down here on the ground. (taken yesterday)

Maybe someone could bring me some peanut butter cookies. I don’t know who that would be.

Oh man. The next two hours just might kill me.

I never did make any shortbread. I need to make some shortbread.

I need to bring Jayne Cobb to work and keep him on my desk.

There’s a whole list of people that I miss.

I’ve been fighting years all morning.

I think these are hilarious and awesome and someone should bring them back.

Because the universe is 100% off kilter today.

Oh! I should make some shortbread for Dr. H. I’ll take it when I go visit her this week. Or next week. I don’t even know. I’d like to go tomorrow, but my work days are absurd lately.

Who calls it a junk food machine? We just call them vending machines.

“I just wonder if you get tired of, um, being outrageous?”

That is just not the best Bowie ever. There is much better Bowie.

“The straighter David Bowie got, the better his teeth got.”

Youtube does not appear to have my favorite Tin Machine song.

Oh that’s a lie. Here it is, you crazy girl.

I’m sorry, but I don’t really get the whole making administrative assistant types refer to you as Dr. So and So. If you’re going to make me call you Dr. Somebody, you can refer to me as Ms. Townsend, thank you very much.

There. A double batch of shortbread just about ready to go in the oven.

I never do that right.

Hooray! All aboard! Wow! Let’s go!

Supposed to be 37 tomorrow. It’ll feel like a heat wave.

I suppose now is as good a time as any for my weekly plea

I actually really liked the Never Let Me Down album.

Holy hell. The sweater I’ve been dying to knit from the Great Northern Knits Kickstarter thingie is being released and those beautiful girls are doing a knit along. I’m clearly going to have to put my two current sweaters on hold and get some yarn.

I dunno. That’s some pretty buttery soft melt in your mouth shortbread right there.

Huh. It’s broken.

Oh come on. Like you didn’t buy a ticket too.

If I win, I’m not telling anyone. I’ll be all “huh? Oh no, it must be some other Jennifer Townsend.”

I think it’s total bullshit that you are denied the right to remain anonymous if you win the lottery.

I really should be reading that chapter.

Ah well. I think I’ll give it up. Random Wednesday on Wednesday. What.