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Random Wednesday

wm5550It’s like freaking Hoth out there. Nearly fell on my ass three times walking from my car to my office.

Why do people have to overcomplicate every damn thing? “Are my glasses in yet?” “Nope!” See how easy that was? But no, it has to be all “Well I know your tray has been pulled mmkay? And so we get shipments in when they come in and we pull and make sure everything is OK and then we call the patient and so I know your tray has been pulled mmmkay?” Gah.

Yoga ball chairs are the very best for desk chair dancing, just in case you were looking for tips.

If I were good at doodling beyond stick figures I’d do one of those calendar thingies too. But that’s not really how I roll.

i don’t have the drugs to sort it out

“You make her sound so disingenuous … like an Eagles’ song.”

I need to start doing yoga again.

I need to magically find the time to start doing yoga again.

What if I’m not really dead?

The idea of someone keeping watch over the body is comforting to me, as though someone were still there, holding your hand while you made your way to whatever came next. It makes death seem less lonely.

I’m reasonably certain that this year is trying to kill me.

I keep having this thought that after the last meeting of my last class I’ll go home and just sleep for three days straight. I won’t even be able to help it. I am already picturing the skull crushing headache that kind of sleep would induce.

“Where can I rent a guillotine?”

Tater Tot Nachos? Just no.

Now they want to take away my Macbook. Whatever.


I met this guy my freshman year at Michigan State. We were at a Tori Amos concert at the State Theatre in Kalamazoo. He was a student at Western. He sent me one mix tape a week for a whole semester. It was so freaking awesome. The guy was a total ass, gothic passive aggressive douche to the extreme, but he was a really good artist and had interesting taste in music. He’d decorate the covers with his drawings. Nothing will ever beat a mix tape with a well thought out cover. Nick Hornby hit it right on the head in High Fidelity when he described the process of creating a mix tape and the message you send with it.

Plus a package every week in the mail. Talk about happy. I love mail. Well. Not bills and junk. Happy mail.

Yacht rock: “The soothing sounds of the dying gasps of the Carter Administration.”

The phrase “human family” weirds me out.

Ooooh this chunky highland cowl is so cozy! It’s totally keeping me warm today. Y’all should buy one from me for your sweeties.

But I only have one Instagram account.

Dammit. I should have gone to Hobby Lobby yesterday. This weather is the suck.

I need buttons and yarn. Buttons and yarn. Buttons and yarn. Buttons and yarn. And a chauffeur.

Victory! I get to keep my Macbook!

We’re keeping the hope alive, my friends.

Democratic Socialists are against “greedy” people. Seems a little greedy to me to demand that those who work hard for the money they’ve earned share that money with others who maybe didn’t work quite as hard or at all. Democratic Socialists are amusing and tiresome all at the same time.

Hey, I just schedule shit.

I can’t tell if they’ve been out there for the last 4 hours continuously shoveling or if they just keep coming back. It will not stop snowing.

This is really cool.

Screw it, I’ll go to Hobby Lobby tomorrow.

Aw but dammit. It’s suddenly sunny and clear. Stupid Wednesday work crap interfering with my lunch. I need to face facts. I’m going to lose my parking space. ARGH.

I had no idea that there was still a winter storm warning. It’s all sunny out and the snow stopped. Funny.

That’s enough talk about that.

can i get an amen?

I think copying me on that was rather redundant.

What the hell is all over my pants?

Holy wow, I’m about to fall asleep.

I just. I can’t believe that’s someone’s real name.

I hope you all eat meat!

Cannot stop yawning.

My brain is cooked.

Ooooh chai latte!

I should never have done the whole eggplant thing.

ILU Ravelry.

That is not at all good for your hearing.


It isn’t Random Cell Phone Picture Day.

I don’t know about the new X Files. Middle aged Mulder always looks constipated.

Well that was a weird phone problem.

I hate this phone.

Yep. This is the mom body I am inhabiting today. Whee.

My truck does not like to switch back and forth from 4 wheel drive unless I’m stationary. The Jeep was realy good about switching as long as I wasn’t accelerating when I did it.

I miss the Jeep.

You must always operate under the assumption that there will be no snow day!

I regret the chai.

I like my “trust no one” face.

I need spring to get here. I’ve reached that point in the season where I just do not even know what to wear anymore.

I did not even realize I was sliding into a foul mood, and yet here I find myself.

Guess that means goodnight.



  1. MBS Photography

    That Instagram comment was totally directed at me, wasn’t it?? I miss my Jeep too.

    • AntiJenX

      Ha! No. It was directed at Instagram.

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