wm7822First of all, there’s a hit song that is largely about talking to a girl on Snapchat. Secondly, it is stuck in my head. This world is kinda dumb.

This whole time, with this Presidential Scholar thing, I keep thinking that there’s probably someone who deserved it more than me.

“My thought has a voice and it burns my throat.”

You know. I just don’t like weddings.

Holy wow, stuff is heavy.

I’m reasonably certain that manual labor is not in my job description. Although it’s not like I couldn’t use the workout. Lord knows.

If you haven’t listened to this yet, stop depriving yourself.

I don’t actually find coloring particularly relaxing. And it tends to frustrate me because I always expect it to be more rewarding than it ever is.

This girl is more bad-ass than I’ll ever be.

I just don’t even understand LinkedIn. At all. And forget about searching for a job there.

“Meet the doll with nipples and a vagina.” Do I hafta??

Not only do I not know how to use that budgeting software, I don’t even have access to it.

I don’t want a headache today. Can someone please make it go away?

I’m such a slacker this morning. Yesterday wore me out.

“No wonder I’m trapped in a coffee version of a homeschooler as a stooge in our WOODS.” ~Jennifer Bot
“It’s so flipping time.” ~Jennifer Bot

Man I’m in a weird mood. Weeeird.

Yeah, I dunno. I think that just goes to show that I actually do know what I’m talking about.

Two two two mints in one except not at all.

I need to go find a sandwich.

Vincent D’Onofrio is looking pretty rough. Although he’s a perfect Kingpin. Wow.

“Waiting for one person to say ‘Hey, it seems that you maybe know your shit as politics go. Do you have any advice on who to vote for, or should I just go for whoever a bird flies up to?'”


I find Ice Tea’s wife kind of terrifying.

Once again I find I have failed to find a photo.

Oops. Phone.

What is this 1 Country? I have absolutely no memory of liking that page.

Um. No. You’re a priest. You should know that he would make confession and you would take confession. Gah.

Shut up, basic facts are important in television shows.

For my fellow ‘Mats fans.

That whole honors luncheon thing is making me nervous. I don’t know anybody. I hope the food is more than just desserts.

Why yes, I am going to eat this tiny cookie.

OK, it’s entirely possible that I’m not even sure how many tiny cookies I just ate.

I never really thought that podcast thing was all that good to begin with.

You are not wrong. It’s a DILEMMA!

Donde esta la biblioteca?

Lost another follower on Instagram. Fine. I DON’T NEED YOU! Too many photos of me in the last 24 hours I suppose. Ha.

We should run away and join the circus. The CIRCUS OF AWESOME!!!

Ha. Right. I’m such an elitist now. With my brains and everything.

I hate that these damn modules are all locked so you can’t work ahead. It’s incredibly annoying. I have time to do the reading now. Let me do the reading now.

I don’t know how “you don’t like people” is really a diagnosis. I mean. Hell.

It’s looking grim for our heroine, kind readers. Grim indeed.

I need to go to bed and sleep for three years. Cept that’s ridiculous. Innit.

I would not have referred to myself as an anomaly.

Anomaly. Anonymous. Androgynous. Ambiguous. Ambidextrous. Asynchronous. Anachronous.

I’m only maybe one or two of those things.

But not one or tow.

I don’t even remember what I wrote in that thing.

I know the first thing I’m going to do after graduation. Well. Maybe the third or fourth thing. But somewhere in the top ten things. Finally make it through the A Line Skirt class on Craftsy so I can make some cute new skirts for myself.

Why is the floor all sticky?

These food things are too complicated. And also expensive.

I have no idea how to pronounce that.

Don’t dawdle!

Dawdle is such a weird word. I never even used that word before I had children.