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Random Wednesday

wm7965I’m sorry, but no. Alien is not a horror film.

I’ma retire Thursday Soundtrack. On account of nobody cares what I’m listening to anyway.

I think it’s unreasonable to expect people to dress business professional. I don’t own any business professional clothing. And I’m not going to buy any for one lousy event.

Not a band I normally listen to, but this is a surprisingly beautiful cover of the Sound of Silence.

These are pretty!

Wow. Dubya has his faults, sure. But worse than Stalin, Lenin, or Mao? It’s like these people have never even opened a history book.

Man alive. Netflix does not shy away from the violence in Daredevil at all.

I find it fascinating that there actually exists such a thing as a Fear of Death Scale.

This place is sucking all the nice out of me.

You can’t give out a letter without ID.

I’m sorry but Karen and Matthew are not a believable couple at all. He should have stuck with Claire. Also? I’m not terribly fond of the actress that plays Karen.

Either my insta posts suddenly suck, or the new algorithm is actually affecting my stream. That makes me sad.

it’s true

It was a weird drive in.

I can’t be held responsible for you not reading your email.

Thanks for being so awesome, Paypal. Fantastic customer service. I’m so happy to have my money back.

damn hell jentober hiatus seems like a good idea. Of course I never listen to myself.

Oh, right. Mother’s Day.

I’ve never been compared to tea before.

I think it’s funny when Bernie Sanders supporters are all “where is all the media coverage?” Everywhere I look I see nothing but Sanders and Trump. It’s like living a nightmare.

Wow, the system is like erosion today. As in “slower than.”

Who says higher education is a waste?

Oh yeah. That was when I fell off a mountain in Washington. Good times.

I wish Sarah would do more self portraits. I wish Red would shoot more in general. I wish I was a successful fundraiser.

I think it’s probably petty of me to be offended by that whole thing. But I am.

I’ll probably delete that paragraph.

If I don’t forget.

I seem bitter today. I need to change that.

A donut with sprinkles!

You never call, you never write.

I didn’t forget. I didn’t delete it entirely either. I just modified it.

This is not actually a very good donut.

If you look at the name George long enough it stops making sense.

Also, my birthday is in like a week …

See. I don’t know why I do that. Now I just feel like a lump.

You know what sucks the most about acne rosacea flareups? EVERYTHING.

Well. I’m awfully chatty today. Online anyway.

OMG! Look at those little bees!

I’ve worn this cami every day this week. Don’t judge me.

I will not be in attendance. And neither will you.


Not loving the new layout of

Wow. I need to take these bottles back to the store.

Y’all just make me tired.

Who knew there was such a thing as Terror Management Theory? Not me.

This wouldn’t be an issue if you didn’t make me change my password every 6 months.  I wish they’d be a little faster about resetting it. I kind of need to log into this damn database.  Wow. Just typing that sentence made it happen. I’m magical.

Magical. MAGICAL. M.A.G.I.C.A.L.

Someone think up something that can be a magical acronym for. Quick!


Hmmmmmm. Read this horribly boring book for class or watch something on Netflix? It’s a tougher decision than you’d think.

Ummmm.              huh.

Aw. Poor Charlize Theron. So pretty. Your life must be so hard.

If I were that Karen chick I think I’d invest in some far more sensible shoes.

Aw man. Merle Haggard died.

Yeah, OK. That might be the coolest camera bag EVAR, but who the bleeding hell has that kind of money??

This would be a really good day for chili.

I named Merle the cat after Haggard, not that Walking Dead character. For the record.

She has Michigan hair. I think it only just occurred to me that Michigan is the only place I have ever seen that hair style.

Is this thing on?

Don’t you hate those days where you’re quite sure you’ve become invisible?

You’re never gonna send that post card, are you?

I’ll tell you one thing I’m not dead wrong about: Bernie Sanders.

Are you sure you’re not confusing the Johnson & Johnson baby with the Antichrist?

I’m kind of glad my class is canceled tomorrow.

I’m not at all sure what I think about this.



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  1. ScottO

    I’m sorry, did you say something?

    Making All General Idiots Cringe And Leave. MAGICAL!

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