wm8444Wonder how long it’ll take for the Dems to forget that they hated Hillary for most of the last year when they realize Bernie’s not getting the nomination.

you got to

Nope. “self care” still creepy.

You don’t actually have to speak to me as if I were a half wit, thank you.

What up, Fonzie?

Why the hell would I want Rubio socks?

You know. I feel like I probably *should,* but I just do not think Dita Von Teese is particularly attractive.

This sentence made my brain cry: “On its face the argument from liberty does prima facie support …”

In lieu of doesn’t mean what you think it means. What you’re trying to say is in light of. They’re very different things. I swear I’ve mentioned this before. A shocking number of people make this mistake.

If I was chock full of disposable cash, this kit is one of the first things I’d buy. In aquamarine or fog. But we all know me, so we know I’d probably pick fog.

I like Michael Keaton.

you don’t

Well. She doesn’t have children. So OBVIOUSLY she knows what is best for all of our children.

I totally just wrote case by case basement.

Obviously we all need more ELO in our lives.

Don’t you ever just want to turn off your life, bury yourself in the Dresden Files, and not resurface until you’ve re-read the entire series? No? Just me?

“So while pro-Bernie progressives are free to create their own communities in Ron Paul’s world, Ron Paul libertarians are compelled by force to participate in Bernie’s world. That is the fundamental difference between liberty and socialism, between voluntaryism and collectivism, between statism and private property. Nothing prevents progressives from living as they wish now, except the very things they viciously oppose: decentralization, secession, and local control.”

Go see Tony Bennett for free? Um OK.

i’m a little

Totally el oh elled.

Every email you send does not need the big red high priority arrow. I’m sorry.

Look, I know it’s tempting. It feels better on your tongue to say it. But it’s not the Ukraine. It’s just Ukraine. Just like it’s not the Turkey. It’s not the Cuba. There’s no the!

Sorry. I just can’t do Ennio Morricone.

Wow. I’m boring when work is boring. I could totally close my eyes and go straight to sleep right now.

I just don’t see how Molly Ringwald had the cleavage necessary to pull that trick off. I call movie magic on that one.

I don’t actually care about Beyonce.

i feel like


What? They look interesting! Don’t judge me!

You don’t speak Spanish!

Why would the UN investigate the Democratic primary?

“I made a puppet, and it’s a hippie. His name is Hippie Joe.”
“What? I gave you a good name! Hodie!”
“Hippie Hodie!”

I prolly oughta go wash my hair or something.

If only there was some kind of proof!

Well, I’m glad I don’t live in Richland so I don’t have to vote on dissolving my village. But I kind of tend to think that I’m always going to vote for less government, so I kind of tend to think if I did live there, I’d be voting to dissolve it.

that echo chorus lied to me

My internet is totally wonked. Dammit.

There can be only one!

A frozen yogurt robot. Huh.

I like that Orphan Black show. Very entertaining.

It’s kind of remarkable how quickly I start to dream after dosing off.

Interesting question.

Anyway, that was weird.

Water. I need some water.

Stop. Thief.

the future is ours to see