wm2987A photo from the archives. Goes nicely with last week’s.

Any day that I get to use the plot of a Phillip K. Dick novel to illustrate a point is a good day.

People don’t like it when you talk about your chronic pain. So mostly I just don’t.

Will this fit in any V.C.Arrrrrr?

I’d really just prefer you not say “bless you” at all when I sneeze than to say it from your cube across the office at a volume that leaves me wondering if I actually heard you, or if I am going to look like a lunatic by yelling “thank you.”

Well. You’re just the specialest gorram snowflake in town, aren’t ya?

Well this is a bitch and a half.

Yep. Livin’ the dream.

Evidently we’re playing “Who’s More Libertarian?” It’s kind of like “Who’s More Grizzled?” but less funny and more obnoxiously self-righteous.

Who the hell is Chewbacca Mom?

I just remembered that this is a three day weekend. I almost cried with joy.

Every time you respond is positive reinforcement. Or negative. I can never remember which is which.

Well that. Huh.          Huh.

It’s a little surprising just how much my stupid hand hurts just because it’s attached to my stupid finger, which hurts like you would not believe.

OK, also this is really messing up my typing skills.

I tried knitting but this bandage screws up my tension.

Maybe it’ll finally sink in the 480eleventeenth time I explain it to you.

Nothing more aggravating than when an IT person who doesn’t know you assumes you’re a moron.

Thanks for the Billy Idol, Mister. It made today suck 70% less.

Also making my day suck less: Two people in as many days saying “No way! I never would have guessed that, you look so young!” upon learning my age.

Raise your hand if you’re tired of hearing about bloody bathrooms!

This might have to be put off til tomorrow. Sheesh.

Well. Aced that test. I did not see that coming.

I just remembered Buzz Beer.

Talk about impossible meetings to schedule. Good grief.

Much busier morning than expected!

Hey that’s James Marsters! He’s aging … interestingly.

A thing. Like a shoe. Or a waffle iron. A thing.

Hardly worth the wait, I reckon.

Oh wow, Charisma Carpenter’s in this episode too!

Yes, please, thank you.

Seems like a pretty lackluster response to this week’s discussion question.

Gen Eds are dumb, yo.

Your IT people are really starting to irritate me. I’m not a cave dweller. I do actually know what I’m talking about.

I hate to break it to you son, but your version of what’s best for everyone and what will “benefit all of us” isn’t everyone else’s version. And that’s the worst thing about democracy. We’re all subject to the tyranny – not even of the masses anymore – but the tyranny of a whiny few. That’s what the republic was supposed to help avoid. Stop bitching and start taking some responsibility for your life. Where you are is no one’s fault but your own.

I greatly dislike the word “remuneration” mostly because I find it incredibly difficult to say.

Eh. No one cares what I think.

OK, I’m done. I don’t even know what this is now. I’m boring us all.

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.