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Random Wednesday

wm8861Where the hell am I going to come up with $50,000? I know nothing about fundraising. Hell. I couldn’t even raise $2,000 for a new camera.

Speaking of Neil Himself … It’s interesting to me that, even having been proofread by Neil Freaking Gaiman, I’ve still found errors. A few grammatically questionable sentences. And the woman’s name is Kimya Dawson, not Dawsom. And when the piece opens her son is 9 months old and when it closes he’s 8 months old. And did your mother give you the option when you were fifteen or when you were fourteen? And I’m sorry, did anyone actually proofread this or are you just saying that to add legitimacy? Just goes to show you, I suppose.

Maybe some day I, too, will be a woman who can afford to knit with $36 per skein yarn.

People who microwave popcorn at work should be drawn and quartered. First – the smell is like an ice pick in my left temple. Second – I can hear you eat that foulness from across the room.

I’m not really into the whole speckled yarn thing.

Um. It’s “bated” breath. Not “baited” breath. Do you even know what it means? Because if you did, I’m not sure you would have said baited.

If you’re going to culturally appropriate a word, at least have the courtesy to spell it correctly, prog.

I’m skullking.

I stole your bag of cookies, do you want to come eat them with me?

I thought that said overveillance.


I was not prepared for your ire.

I don’t think they actually appreciate being called that.

Why are pugs so popular all of a sudden?

Can someone just buy me a whole new wardrobe from this shop please and thank you?

OK Preacher might be in the running for new favorite show.

Iced coffee. Give me all the iced coffee.

There’s a whole town full of bottle houses.

Why doesn’t anyone want this tea?

I feel like this could have been funny … but is just disappointing. The rest of the blog is entertaining though. So there’s that. I shouldn’t criticize. She’s doing better than I am, I’m sure.

Honestly it’s like Bernie supporters have never actually participated in the voting/election process before.

Also? If you don’t like the way your party chooses a candidate, the middle of an election cycle is not the time to change how the candidate is chosen. You can’t come to the dance late and then cry in your punch because you don’t have anybody to dance with.

People just make me tired.

What is with the sudden inundation of SPAM in my work email lately? Sheesh.

This just makes me so sad.

I think it’s time for food.

OK! I’m gonna just let you Google this …

I haven’t been on Facebook all day and it’s been awesome.

I’d like a nap. Right now. A nice long one.

I don’t care how much she paid for that jacket, it’s hideous. Fifty cents would have been too much. But seriously. Who pays $12,000 for a freaking jacket?

It’s kind of ridiculous, but I read Reason articles more to spot the typos than for the content.

I think it’s time to wave the white flag.

Did you get your post card?

I keep thinking it’s Friday. le sigh

OK. I for real el oh elled at this one.

one one one and two two two three three three and four four four   .

Seems superfluous.

I’m too tired to read.

I had to go ahead and take the migraine pill. And now we power through.

I wish the Den was a shorter walk so I could get a giant fountain Diet Dew on a break, rather than squeezing it in on my lunch hour. But it’s probably a good thing it’s not. Really.

When 7 Eleven was almost right behind my dorm at Michigan State, I pretty much lived on Super Big Gulp Mtn. Dew and cigarettes.

Oh. My. GOD. The tween angst is freaking killing me. I just cannot.

Oh damn. I forgot I have that new email seminar thing tomorrow. Whee.

Well that smells tasty.

A shawl pattern called Danzig? You know I have to knit that.

… there’s no need to be so dire

What’s up with Stormageddon’s sudden aversion to bathing? He used to love the tub.

I don’t like cold M&M’s. I like melty M&M’s.

I’m too blurry to read. I just want to doze and knit the last stripe row so I can knit the border so I can bind off and weave ends and be done so I can start these baby blankets.

Also I’m sorry, because I love the look of the finished Rattan shawl, but knitting it is boring the heck out of me. And I’m making TWO of them right now! ooph.

I need to make a new t shirt: I’m a libertarian, ask me how!

It’s a Buffy reference, my friend. Though I doubt Joss Whedon is remotely interested in libertarianism.

I need to stop talking now.

Stop. Talking.


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  1. ScottO

    I thought the ’70s mom thing was pretty funny, but way too long. I stopped after the girls took the baby to the woods.

    I haven’t been on Facebook for months. It’s wonderful!

    Yes, it is time for food. Got any ice cream?

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