6287121059_1e80baf032_oI uploaded the wrong photo last night, so you get one from the archives this week.

Kind of Liz Phair-esque I guess. It was unintentional.

God I hate Outlook. And Office 365. And every single thing about the web platform.

I really wish I hadn’t poked play on that.

I hate doll houses. For real. They wig me the hell out.

I think I need to just go ahead and give up on Flickr.

How is Highlander 30 years old already?

Well evidently that is the type of person you are, because that is what you did.

How am I on episode 12 already?

cheese and crackers. cheese and crackers. cheese and crackers.

I forgot how much I like Nights in White Satin. I don’t know why. I mean I don’t know why I like it so much. I suppose I also don’t know why I forgot. Whatever.

You should check out Henry Lohmeyer on Insta. He makes some beautiful images.

I’m reasonably certain I’ve mentioned my pure and righteous hatred of UPS in the past, but allow me to reiterate. Now they’ve lost my standing desk. How do you lose a flipping desk? How?

“That is horrible. And also awesome.” Exactly.

The 2016 Election is a reality television show.

Did you really just say “Matt Welch and me talked to … “?? oy.

Wow. I’ve been neglecting you today. I’m so sorry. I don’t even know where the time has gone at all.

Uhhhhh. I can’t type a sound of disgust that is accurate enough. Ughhhhh. Would you just stop? Enough, lady.

Crap. Now I have that awful Third Eye Blind song stuck in my head. Quick! To the interwebs for a palate cleanser!

Ah yes. Haven’t listened to this in a while. I kinda dig her. Not my usual thing, but whatevah.

See? No one ever hears me when I say “bless you”.

Man. I have GOT to finish this stupid shawl. I love the finished product but I hate this pattern to knit.

Oh look at that. It’s already in my favorites.

Aw. I liked Empire Records. It was sweet.

And just like that, it’s time to go pick up your tween’s sneakers that she left behind on her camping party to come home barefoot.

Who does that?

Dude. Don’t ask for money in Comic Sans. Just don’t.


Guest post by Stormageddon.

I don’t know why I bother. It’s not like I ever get a response.

“‘How does it feel to sit and talk about boobs, for HOURS?’ Nobody does that. Nobody has the time to just sit and talk about nothing but boobs for hours. I mean the whole thing was just so horrible.”


Thank God we don’t live in the dark ages of cell phones anymore.

I’m going to join the choose your own adventure tee along. By golly. If my yarn doesn’t take 3 years to arrive.

By golly.