wm9714You’re so much better at the sci-fi than I.

Much wanting.

Writing tip–Use “a” before consonant sounds (e.g., a one-year term).
Use “an” before vowel sounds (e.g., an honor).

Such a basic tip, and yet, clearly necessary.


Look, I’m not a fan of the DNC either, but I am reasonably certain they’re not going around quietly murdering people.

There’s a Duran Duran appreciation day?

OK it’s a given that I’m tired all the time, but today is measurably worse than usual. What the hell.

better shape up

What. I’m not sorry.

Here. Does this make up for it? Of course it does.

Ffuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I feel like I’m coming down with something. I really really really do not have time to get sick. Must resist. Must. Resist. Sooooo lightheaded. Soooooooooo tired. dammit dammit dammit

I think maybe I’ll go get an iced coffee. Because that will miraculously cure my ailment.

All edits are done. I have no presentation. I’m back in panic mode.

Free book day!

“Feel like Magnus is too common?” Um no. No, I don’t.

I suddenly thought of Rollinghead’s Long Black Feeling, but I can’t share it with you because there’s no Youtube of it.

I really loved Rollinghead.

I’m feeling a little better. Just thought you’d like an update.

I’m so bad at these things.

Well a slideshow of outtakes playing while I talk should work. Sure.

I need an intro. To the book. An intro. Bah.

Hey Gary Johnson? About that Fist Pump for Freedom hashtag? Yeah, no. Just no.

I’m about 37 seconds away from falling asleep.

Could you please stop eating those chips now?

I’d take a walk but holy hell. It’s 89 degrees. But damn, I really want to take a walk.

I can’t help it if I can appreciate Bad Company and you can’t.

Nothing like an hour long system upgrade on mah phone. Whee.

ARGH. See? These Instagram stories are messing up my zen in a big way. Now people are doing these damn stories instead of just posting a nice still from their day. Go do that on Snapchat. Plus the stories won’t even load when I’m at home so it’s pointless to try to watch.

bitch bitch bitch

But come on. I love Instagram. It makes me happy. They are messing with my happy.

I should send out a round of post cards.

Here is something positive … ly stinky. Just kidding. I totally went for a walk in the heat and I don’t even smell bad.

It was legitimate. I’m not just being a PITA.

Unlike many, I do not find oxymorons entertaining in the least.

Roof pig. Most unexpected.

We should bring back 3 people doing stuff. But. You know. 4.

Love Will Tear us Aporter!

Stop trying to smother me!

The elusive chompy cobra.

I need caffeine.

Who tells adoptive parents they aren’t “real” parents? I have never heard this before. What foolishness.

OK I’m maybe not so secretly really ready for fall.

Pretty sure that deadline has passed round these parts.

Every time I remember this wonderful thing exists in the world I have to share it with you again. The song, not Dita Von Whatserface. I remain unimpressed with Whatserface.

Maybe I should do more knitting posts here.

Hey Dave, I really dig that Alewives album. Just so you know.

Quit spamming me Donald Trump. I’ll never vote for you.