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Happy Anniversary, Old Man.

So sorry I’ve been taking up so much rent-free space in your brain. You should work on being less bitter. You’ll live longer.

Shit. I’ve got to get this grading done so I can get midterm grades done. Guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. Whee.

Grades are dumb.

I thought that said “The Touch of Stan”. It wasn’t Stan.

Trying to figure out how Amazon sorted “Holocaust: A History” into the “Engineering books” category …

Hey guys, please stop polishing one fingernail pink. That’d be great.

Duh. Of *course* Elizabeth. Which other Bennett sister could I possibly be??

This is fun. I saw a couple of vintage Halloween dresses in there I’d LOVE to own.

Ha. I love this shirt.

What?! No one told me season 11 of Supernatural was on Netflix already!!!

I thought “Surely that’s Photoshopped and she didn’t actually say that, because English.” But no. She did. And I lolled and lolled.

Which US president are you? Ronald Reagan. You have a demeanor that some find warm and fatherly. But others find you distant. At times it seems you get by on charm alone. You’re no deep thinker, but you understand that common sense is what matters most.

I think I might be a little offended by the “you’re no deep thinker” part of that description.

But that’s hilarious.

My head is killing me today. I’d been having a pretty good run. I’m kind of bummed right now.

This is starting to be a lot harder than I had expected it to be.

Today has been busier than planned.

Why yes, I will take the spring semester off to teach two sections of my class, thank you very much.

Oh look at this cute little flip book thinger. Hopefully this will ease some of our woe.

I love you, Garden Herb Triscuits.

I see the rain is holding off until it’s time for me to walk to my truck. Thanks so much for that.

#1 a nice safe
#2 gold and/or ammo

Right right right right right. No paycheck there. So. You know. You get what you pay for, I guess.

Wait. Is Mike Rowe living on a boat?

update update update update update update update update update

The only real question now is: The bats or the skeleton tomorrow?

Don’t worry. We’re doing a new anniversary pic. We just didn’t have time to get to it last weekend.

I think bats. Yes. Bats.

Thank YOU.

That does not even make sense.

I can’t believe this is the last Hollows book. I’m so sad.

I’ve always wanted to be Harley Quinn for Halloween. The animated series Harley Quinn. Not Suicide Squad Harley Quinn.

And when I say “always” I mean since 1993ish when the series came out.

Just let me know what we’re doing so I can prepare.

So. Tired.

Two 15 hour days in a row. Messed me up completely.

“Learn English in your native language.” But.

Oh wait. I can see where that might actually be a good idea for some native English speakers, now that I think about it.

Yep. I generally hate the whole world when I’m that pregnant too.

So. I get to do what I want, basically. Sweet.

OK. I’m sitting here staring at Flat Eartha Kitt. I’m cooked.

Every time I try to type waitlisted I type weightlisted. It’s probably Freudian or something.

I don’t know.