wm0368I’m going to be honest with you. I didn’t even realize it was Wednesday until about half an hour after I got up this morning.

You have got to be effing kidding me. Straight up nuthouse.

I seriously need to just be a stay at home mom. Pretty much now.

I just want sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. Now.

I love this idea. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? I also love the typo transforming cremation into creation.

But what if I think you look really cute today?


The geekery perpetually smells like wet wool. I’m mostly OK with that.

Yep. Pretty much. Also I’ll keep right on watching them.

You’ll be needing a picture.

I’ll be needing a picture.

The importance of pictures.

All your talk of sustainability is ironic considering the amount of paper you consume on a daily basis.

all wrong, we were

I don’t think that La Croix stuff is particularly tasty at all.


Yeah I’ve barely touched this. It’s kind of surprising how busy I’ve been today.

God. I’m boring even myself.

I just remembered hamster dance.

do do do da do do doh doh

Had a moment of panic when I thought I missed a meeting. Not that I actually had any desire to attend the meeting at all. But still.

Ha. Gary Johnson robot left me a funny voicemail.

Seems like an odd direction to go, but OK. Sure.

Don’t be sad. I disappoint myself too. We’ll all live.

“Hi, this is Governor Gary Johnson, and this is also a recording. Sorry about that.”

What. No. I am not ready for snow. No no no no no. Nope. Just no.

Well then stop texting me.

I think it’s perfectly reasonable to have a glass of iced coffee right now. Else I might drift off.

Oh wait. Tea actually sounds better. A nice hot cuppa.

And waffles. Tea and waffles. Tea and waffles are a perfectly respectable dinner.

What the hell is going on with my rear facing camera on this phone?

All the flies and ticks are coming inside because it’s getting cold. Evidently they didn’t get the memo that I am refusing to turn the heat on in the house.

Sweet zombie Jesus that’s an ear piercer.

Crap. I have no idea which Halloweeny thing to wear tomorrow.

Nope. Guess the tent was a bad idea. Better put it back in hiding for another 6 months.

What in God’s name are we listening to? Dear Lord.

Hey. Get off the macaroni and cheese.

I almost forgot the picture.

That won’t do at all.

I won’t turn the heat on. I won’t turn the heat on. I won’t turn the heat on. I won’t.