There’s a photo from the archives for ya.

How is it Wednesday again already?

Every time I try to say inedible lately it comes out inevitable.

Yeah, actually, that is part of my job title for a reason. It’s not just cos I think it sounds neat.

Yeah, gonna have to re-record that when there are no people around I think. yeesh.

Man. That was the longest staff meeting we’ve had in a year.

I need to make another one of those.

I’m afraid my new boss doesn’t think I’m funny.

Why am I so nervy right now. Sheesh. I would like not to be tense. I need tea.

Tea is soothing. I do not wish to be tense.

I miss Giles.

I just think an inside the thigh holster only works for ridiculously thin women who have thigh gaps. And even then it seems like it would make you walk a little bowlegged. I can’t see how that can be at all comfortable.

But what do I know?

Great start to the new semester, jentober. You idiot.

Woefully short.

Woe. fully. short.

I like old people.

My eyes won’t stay open. I don’t know what you want me to do.

Allison Reynolds can’t stay awake either. She’s tipping over on my desk right this very minute.

What? What candidate? I have no idea what this means.

Banning plastic bag bans. Um. Yeah. OK.

You don’t need CMS training to poke the damn “publish” button.

This Ibuprofen is not working.

What the hell does that even mean?

Well. I’m sorry.

What the

Why is the White House emailing me?


Wait. Did I actually take the Ibuprofen? Or did I just think about taking the Ibuprofen?

Must drag my arse over to tea.

I need to decide what to read next. Sandman Slim, perhaps.

Where the hell is the new Dresden?

Black and white, baby.

I need to work with some textures.

baby’s on fiyah. bettah thrower in the watah.

I think I just thought about taking the Iburofen and didn’t actually succeed in taking the necessary next step of actually following through.

I just almost deleted you, you poor thing.

True. False.

how can i undo the damage that i’ve done

Oh yeah. Have to go grab that thumb drive.

I just need a better backpack.

Gah. I hate it when I rip a fingernail off.

I think I’ll go now.