Eh. I was hoping that video would be funnier.

Gah my hands are so dry.

this is our last dance

These socks are problematic with these shoes. But gosh they’re cute.

How about just raising your kids not to be assholes? That doesn’t seem too complicated.

Nobody says that. It’s not 1983. Stop saying that. You say that and I keep expecting you to pipe up with “mimeograph machine” or something.

Sometimes you just

I wish I had some Triscuits today.

I do not like this moisturizer. I don’t like the way it smells.

Yeah that whole last paragraph sums it up for me. People for real need to stop freaking out about every tiny little thing.

Sometimes a cupcake is just a cupcake.


Now I want cake.

How has it been a whole entire year since Bowie died?

and i absolutely love you

I feel like I did something stupid, but I’m completely certain that I did not do anything stupid.

Unnecessarily complicated.

This situation requires food.

This place is too small for that.


Well that was confusing.

That is seriously the most awful laugh.

Can I just get entirely new dishes and can they be these? I’m completely serious.

This day will not end.

I’m pretty sure I said that yesterday too.

though nothing, nothing will keep us together

I suppose that’s one way to get you to read the syllabus. And it’s more stimulating than just sitting there while I read it to you. So maybe it’ll stick.

This week will not end.

My hips are starting to hurt. Too much sitting.

Too much all of the everything.

Man I love my 50mm lens.

never thought i’d need

How do I have a whole Snickers bar and a whole bag of M&Ms in my cubby. And how long ago did they get there that I cannot even remember them?

I’m not telling him. You tell him.

OK that’s just a weird feeling.

Way to go, jentober. You left your umbrella-ella-ella in the car.

I had entirely forgotten.

I need to send some random books in the mail. It’s been a while since I’ve done a random book day.

I love Frank Reagan’s cardigans.

Why does the angel in white look like he’s trying to tread water?

I had no idea Nicole Kidman was actually American. Huh.

OMG Piers Morgan stahp. Agreeing with you makes me feel icky. But all of a sudden you keep making sense. What the actual hell.

Interesting ranking.

I’m so glad you’re staying.

Yes. A three day weekend is just what I need.

I really sincerely wish we didn’t even have that thing in our building.

pushing the hair from my eyes

I used to have that album. I have no idea what happened to it.


I should shave my legs.

I have absolutely no memory of why I was looking up conversion factors for that particular yarn.

stay by my side

One of my all time favorite Bowie songs. So much love.

That whole first Tin Machine album is really good, actually.

I am going to read that article but I am not going to read it right now.

I need to order that Malabrigo and play around with this pattern idea.

I need to work from home.

I need to be a stay at home mom.

I need to go get that kettle off the boil.

they say