I can’t believe I just left my tea sitting there.

Proof I’m completely out of whack this week.

It’s real. It’s finally, truly, really real. We’re getting a Chick-fil-A. *sniff* I’m so happy.

I think I need to make a Biggby run.

Maybe I’ll just go get a Diet Pepsi.

Diet Pepsi is closer. And cheaper. Diet Pepsi wins.

This time.

Nope. Still weird to hear people call me “Professor Townsend.” Good weird. But weird.

Stand up, Allison Reynolds!

I wish he’d be more genuine nice instead of therapist nice. I always feel like I’m in trouble for something.

But I don’t like almonds.

I can’t wait til this women’s march is over and we can move on to some other drama. This is getting boring.

Maybe I should move the new 52 weeks project to my more professional site. Feels weird here for some reason.

Shhhhh! This is the secret!

I don’t know.

I don’t know what I’m doing.

Stop looking at yarn, jentober.

I can’t read this book. It’s all preachy and self-righteous and ADHD and I haven’t even made it through chapter 1. I thought when I finished school there would be no more “have to” reading.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with this assignment. In fact, I think it’s kind of fantastic.

A whole lot of nothin’.

Wow. That is a serious lot of money for a bag.

I already said thanks. I don’t feel like I should have to thank you again.

I feel like you need music today. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I need music today.

i remember your face

I almost just started talking about Chick-fil-A again. That is how excited I am.

Yeah I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with this form.

I don’t know, but this cinnamon thing is really really good.

I can’t. The rage.

And then it stalled.

Wait, how is it 3:00 already?

I had to throw my socks away. That is so weird. I’m glad I put the heel grabber thingies in these Docs or I’d be hurting right now with my bare feet.

the blisters!

I think I’m going to fail at sharing music today. Well. Sorry.

i don’t even know if i

Hey it’s Riley Finn!

I don’t think I was too harsh. Was I too harsh?

OMG she is the biggest pain in my ass.

What a nice letter.

I did Google it. I’m not an idiot.

Noooooooooooooooooo with the napping. No. I can’t take another night of zero sleep, kid.

How do I not have a Misfits t-shirt? Clearly this should be a part of my wardrobe.

But why on Earth would I do that?

I never want to capitalize earth. Why on earth.



This could be a mistake.

jen, nothing matters to me

Mistakes were made.

What am I listening to???

I don’t know bud.

My hair is even more of a disaster than usual this week.

i’m sick of the cynical

I really need to finish that Joe Pernice book. I don’t remember why I never went back to it. I should just start over from the beginning.

Which reminds me.

I haven’t heard

Did they spell failure wrong purposely? Because that is really annoying either way.

I feel like I wished I liked baseball. But I don’t think that could possibly be true.

I need to take these contacts out.

What the hell am I wearing tomorrow?

It is hard to like your wardrobe when you don’t much like the way you look at the moment. sigh.

It is not looking like I’ll be getting any knitting done this evening.

Yeah. I think I need some sleep.

is that weird?