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Random Wednesday

It is cold in here. Sheesh.

Scent is important. It’s hard to like you when I don’t like the way you smell.

It’s a shame that Finder show didn’t get more than one season. It’s fun. Of course I can’t picture it without Michael Clarke Duncan.

Actually, I can see both perspectives of a Necker cube simultaneously.

either way

We’re not gonna talk about Judy.

I want Bea Arthur’s house. Wow.

I don’t actually want to know that much about just about anybody.

I’m a libertarian. Please allow me to leave you the fuck alone.

Which First Lady are you? Eleanor Roosevelt. You’re an inspirational soul. People come to you for advice because you possess a wisdom beyond your years.

What. I have two words for you, chickens. Birth. Day.

Oh right. I need to get those letters done.

Because evidently she is a crazy lady.

Don’t steal stuff. It’s not cool.

I marched today. I marched right to my office. Because I am a responsible adult with mouths to feed and bills to pay.

I still love the Black Hawk Down soundtrack.

Who the hell is Caitlin Moran and why does she think she knows what girls should and should not read?

I got the socialization question again. And they always phrase it like “But aren’t you worried … ?” Well, if I were, I’d probably be acting on it. And if I were, I’m still convinced the answer to socialization does not lie in public schooling. Or private schooling. Or formal schooling of any kind. In fact, I’m probably more worried about how well socialized your children are than I am about mine.

Argh. Stupid power. Think I’ll just have to post early again this week, then.

No, no, no. That completely defeats the purpose of Doc Martens altogether.

I gotta get a new battery for that thing.

Gorram wind is tearing my house to bits. I can’t be having this gorram wind tearing my house to bits.

No, really. Am I marking the pattern easy because at my skill level I think it’s easy, or because I think it will be easy for others? I do not like this feature, Ravelry. It confuses me! I’m probably overthinking it.

This is a really great interview with Jonathan Haidt and Frank Bruni which addresses the severe and alarming lack of diversity of thought on college campuses, among other things.

GAH. Don’t DO that! I thought I screwed this up and I didn’t. You changed it. Stop freaking me out like that!!

Why do I think I know her?

I hate hiring. So very much.

Is this link gonna take me to that stupid map again? Because that map is not telling me when they’re going to have my power back on.

I hate it when the power goes out.

Yeah, you’re really not using Instagram correctly at all.

I’d walk down to Biggby for a chai, but the wind is likely to blow me away.

Or it would. If I wasn’t fat. From consuming things like chai.

Do I get to teach. Do I not get to teach. This is ridiculous. I can come up with better things to do with my time if you’re not going to let me teach. Really. I have all kinds of hobbies.

Bleah. I’m feelin’ a little crappy.

This website is pissing me off.

Dammit! I keep thinking it’s Thursday.

OK. Ridiculous wind. Migraine. Pick up pizza. At least the generator is going. Sheesh. Thanks, Wednesday.

Funny how often I let that happen. I should knock that shit off.

Well then.

Well. Then.


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  1. ScottO

    Yes, it is! Stupid global warming.

    Be my guest.

    *Spock eyebrow*



    Or at all, at all.


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