Happy First Contact Day

Shoulda used the Spock pic instead today I guess.

The Bernhard Center cafe menu always puts an apostrophe in nachos. “Nacho’s Deluxe.” Nacho’s deluxe what??? Who is Nacho?


Well. Things are all turned around now.

Yes, I think this is the right decision. Probably.

You can’t tell people they can’t eat that food.

Sorry, but ginormous is totally a word.

I got this fancy portfolio thing. What am I going to do with this fancy portfolio thing? It’s 2017.

Barbed wire seems scary and intimidating when you look at it, but upon reflection, wouldn’t wrapping your baseball bat with it be basically a waste of time? After a couple of wacks, the barbs would be all bent flat. Then you have a bumpy baseball bat, sure, but honestly? Getting hit with a bat seems sufficient. The wire just sort of comes across as window dressing. I am not impressed.

No, I still don’t actually watch The Walking Dead.

I just read a ridiculously old Random and in it I said I’d never read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. That isn’t even true. Why would I say that? I’ve totally read that book. Sometimes I forget things. And evidently, sometimes I have temporary brain damage. I blame the migraines.

I wonder what I did with that corset.

Well. That was unexpectedly depressing.

Nacho knows.

Sorry. Not my banana.

Ok, but that isn’t actually true. And you know it isn’t.

Sweet. I still love that show.

Wow. That is not a flattering photo of my neck.

Smarmy bastard.

I typed this big long thing about something I had posted before but couldn’t find. But I found it. So here it is again. “I think the world would be a happier place if we just randomly mailed each other books. I randomly mail people books for fun. But I mean randomly mail someone a book that really meant something to you. Just because. Maybe it’s just me. I’d love that. I’d love to just randomly, periodically get a book from someone just because they loved the book and thought ‘I need to share this with my Jen.'”

Oh hush. That’s just the tragedy talking.

I wish I had Lucy’s job.

Albert’s path is a strange and difficult one.

“There’s things you can’t get in books.”
“There are things you can’t get anywhere, but we dream they can be found in other people.”

It’s getting mighty old.

Wait. What. Cinnamon roll donuts are back at Biggby. Might need to do a run this morning.

And by run I mean walk calmly to Biggby, taking my time.

As long as it’s not pouring.

I just almost dumped my tea in my lap.

Sorry I suck so much lately.

I probably shouldn’t put that in the personal statement I really don’t want to write. “I suck right now, but you should totally let me into your program on account of I don’t suck all the time.”

She is pathologically incapable of just doing what she is asked to do.

Well, they’re not full just yet.

I dunno. I like sandwiches.

I could really go for one of those Cuban pulled pork sandwiches we had in Florida. Man, those were amazing.

But I’m at a complete loss as to what to eat for lunch now. siiiiiiigh

Oh Jesus. How did I forget we have Chick-fil-A here now?? Anyway, I can’t make it there and back on my lunch hour.

Be adaptable.

Wait. Lettuce heist?? What???

That. That is the look that made me crush on Special Agent Dale Cooper. That was the moment.

Ha. Preacher season two trailer. I love that show.

I’m sorry, but no freakin’ way is my 80s boyfriend Lloyd Dobler.

And just like that, an entire hour has flown right by.

I won’t even dignify that with a response.

Wait, Barry Manilow is still alive?

I think she’s just perpetually pregnant.

Are you just applying hair spray right at your desk now? GOD.

Were you thinking evil things quietly? Evil works best quietly, I think.

Loud villainy is the bane of professional evil doers.

I’m going to say I won’t respond to your email while I’m on staycation. But we all know I will probably be lying.

Wow, that is spectacularly dumb.

She got a lot of hype and she is not living up.

That’s right. I bought the Reese’s Pieces. So what?

Don’t judge me. I didn’t go to Biggby earlier. I didn’t eat a cinnamon roll thingie.

Yeah, I’m probably not going to Random next week. Just cos Staycation + Random = not terribly interesting.

Like this is so stimulating.

That last 45 minutes might actually kill me.

I don’t even know where I was going with that.

OK that’s it. I’m not evil.

I’m just drawn that way?