I need to start keeping a toothbrush in my drawer at work.

But it was January.

Another day, another interminable staff meeting.

Microscopical is a word? Microscopic just sounds better.

Unlike many libertarians, I don’t have an issue with borders and defending them.

No. No icky vibes, please.


I REALLY want bees.

Maybe he just doesn’t care.

“I don’t wanna talk, I wanna shoot!”

The guys lined up at the bar with their cigars.

I don’t know how to play chess.

That does not sound delicious.

But I don’t even have a DVR.

I can never pronounce Appomattox.

Oops. Sorry Jayne Cobb.

Sheesh. Can I just move to the Shetlands now please? WOW.

I wonder if they buy a new map every time there’s a new investigation. That’s probably a lot of maps.

Why would you ever cap that at 30??

Apple pie!!!

scan scan scan scan scan

That worked even better than I’d hoped.

My Twin Peaks episode notes are feeling like weird little poems.

Oh, well, that works too, I guess.

I’m gonna take myself a break.

Why are we taking Bill Nye seriously??


What? United Airlines is killing bunnies now?

Robocop. Figures.

I’m so boring today.

No one asked me about my kids.

I felt like the least important person in the room, to be honest.

Surely it is time to eat the pie?

Guess I should have known better than to take some initiative. Duh.

I need my chair!

I need a nap.

I need some motivation.

I need a personal trainer.

I’m trying to decide that riding my bike that far back and forth every day sounds like an awesome plan. But my brain just keeps laughing at me.

Oh. Dentist tomorrow. Whee.

I think that may have been a wee bit too much cinnamon.

I think. I think. Yes. It is.