Flashing cursor. Exciting.

Expertise vs experience …

I have never actually seen this film. I don’t even know how that’s possible.

There are Johnny Cash socks?? Why don’t I have any Johnny Cash socks???

OK, this is kind of funny.

Wow. You can’t treat people like that and expect them to have any kind of respect for you at all. What a total dick move. Zero class.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure there’s somethin’ in Fitchburg worth killin’.”

These Triscuits might have gotten stale while I was gone.

Man, my spam these days is straight up menacing.

It’s pretty impressive. It also creeps me out. Also the construction of it completely fascinates me.


I had no idea that this would be so complicated.

Is this archive feature on Instagram new? I am intrigued.

And that is why I do not like you.

No, it’s OK. Really. I don’t need to be thanked or anything.

I forgot I was FB friends with you, John Marr. But it’s funny that you popped up in my feed because I was literally just thinking about Murder Can Be Fun yesterday. On account of this Disney book someone just gave me. Ha.

Holy wow do I not want to attend this meeting.

Splitting headache. Boring meeting. Whoo! My afternoon is shaping up to awesome!

How do I keep messing this sleeve up? I just do not understand what the hell I am doing. I just can’t find it. So frustrating.

I think that’s why God invented planes.

Now that book I might read. But probably not really.

Brain not work. Hurt.

No sustainable brewing second bachelor’s for me, thanks. I don’t even really like beer.

18 of 20 books for this year and it’s not even June. I am awesome.

It’s hard to be interesting when you’re bored.

This was such an unexpectedly fantastic surprise in the Twin Peaks premier. So perfectly My Bloody Valentine meets Curve with some Lush thrown in and just a splash of Ivy to toss me right smack into my 1994 shoegazery happy place.

Yep. I think I might really like that band.

OK. That meeting was actually fairly productive.

Thanks, Amazon. Appreciate it.

Ha! You are a secret smoker! I knew it!

It’s a special kind of hell.

Accidentally. Right. They totally did this on purpose. Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Oh good. Storm rolling in just in time for me to walk to my car.

This week hates my guts, man.

Grow faster, hair!

Oh yeah. I will attach the syllabus, thank you.

And now I will go out into the stormiest storm and drive home. Wet and cold.