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Random Wednesday

Here’s a photo from the archive on account of I forgot to get something together last night.

I almost forgot it was Wednesday!

This is all much more complicated than I was expecting.

Dude. You don’t have to smash the cell phone if you took the sim card out.

Why does it have those teeth if all it does is suck souls? That seems a little unnecessary.

I love this show. I do. But damn, Sam can be pretty whiny.

They should’ve poured some cement in there first. Then buried it.

I’m just not that into Wonder Woman, to be honest.

I hate orientation.

That is not how you spell forest, dude.

Nothin’ I like more than some good old fashioned forced indoctrination.

I actually would not mind going to this concert at all.

Duh. That does not answer the question I asked. I already knew that. That is not helpful.

Yeah, they call that a “half bath.” It’s not complicated.

Just because I’m not with you doesn’t mean I’m against you.

This better work. Dammit.

Sorry! Just have to run to the loo! BRB!

I love June. No staff meetings in June.

Nice headband, sugar.

It is not a dead chicken.

I wish everyone would read this book.

Do you even know how to Skype? Because I will not be here to help you with that.

It certainly solves the problem of what to eat for lunch.

For the record, I never had any bizarre cravings like that either time I was pregnant.

I guess it’s gonna be short. I dunno.

These are some kinda flat, weird, super crunchy, delicious pretzel things.

I will succeed your expeditions.

I may also secede them.

Oh I should take this Zamyatin up north with me next week.

Where did my Star Trek stamp bookmark go?

Could you please write my letters of recommendation please?

I am not caught up with you yet. Hush.

Damn, rock on Courtney Love.

OK. Must find baby birds now.

cheep cheep.


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  1. ScottO

    Forest indoctrination?

    How do you feel about occidentation?

    Short, tall, doesn’t matter. The eyes are what matters.

    Secede with exhibition?

    Because baby rabbits eat too much.

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