nobody here but us chickens

Random Wednesday

I guess I’m the wrong kind of alien.

Season 6 with the weird Campbell hunter clan is one of my least favorite story lines. If only because the characters are so extremely unlikeable. They ALL seem soulless. I just. Ick. Run away, Dean!

OMG stop saying “perfect!” every time someone says something to you or hands you something.

I would like a new tattoo.

i don’t wanna be buried in a

Maybe I’ll just delete that.

I should take up meditation.

And go back to yoga.

And also zumba, because who doesn’t love to dance?

I saw that.

Huh. Maybe I could make that. For far less than $130. Maybe.

I would like some local friends.

I need to finish this test so I can get back to work on that pattern.

Then again, this is my brain …

This skirt is kind of static clingy.

Those are all the letters I never sent you.

I read that as “your Lynda history will be terminated.” That’s not at all what it says.

Definitely need that meditation book.

Working my way through this. I have to set aside a lot of eye rolling at some of the things in there, but there was a really great section on separating observation from evaluation that I think I need to keep in mind.

Why does it smell like a campfire in here?

OK quick! Everybody say the exact thing I just said.

letting go letting go letting go letting go letting go

I used to get so irritated when celebrities dabbled in photography, got a book deal, and the rest of us just slogged away. Now I really am pretty zen about it. Who cares? At least he’s doing something creative with his time instead of trashing hotel rooms or partying all night at clubs. (Of course, maybe he is and I just don’t know, but whatever.) Leave him alone. Plus he’s donating all the profits. That’s character.

Ah-ha! That answers the campfire question.

OMG so many chickens.

I dreamed you had a pet squirrel. Named Bobbie Gentry.”

I can’t even force myself to read this stuff. Sheesh.

That level of cheerfulness is wholly unnatural.

Yeah, that is not at all the same thing.

Well, I guess I wouldn’t want to talk to me either.

This four day weekend is taking entirely too long about getting here.

Holy wow. I could so live here. So beautiful.

I just don’t understand. If it’s really that much of an inconvenience to write me a letter of recommendation, why did you offer to do it in the first place?

Huh. I really always thought there was an h in exorbitant. Wacky.

Can I escape for a minute?


Can I make this font smaller?


“Want to sleep in a bit more this summer?” How about ever, lady.

Ooph. This boy.

I have no memory of liking Megyn Kelly on FB.

Wow, I sort of expected a larger selection.

Well, that was a weird little rabbit hole …

I dunno. I can almost always eat pizza. Let’s be honest.

Remember to reset. You’ll probably forget.

Pizza it is.


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  1. ScottO

    Mmm, woodsy!

    Local friends can be lots of fun, until you have to move 1,500 miles away.

    Roasted chicken?

    Was it the 3rd of June?

    I have (almost) no memory of FB.

    Pizza? Perfect!

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