This mustache is peeling off.


If I were going outside the U.

I should not be able to taste your god awful perfume.

Season 6, episode 15, The French Mistake, might just be my favorite episode ever. It’s so brilliantly hilarious.

You’re just not very good at writing copy. I’m sorry.

Ha. 31 flavors of crazy. I’m going to have to use that.

Very much my thinking on the topic.

Man. There’s just so much shit that can kill you in a garage. I can never watch those scenes.

Johnnie Walker Blue on the grave. Expensive send off. I don’t even have a bottle of Blue in my own cupboard.

Universally unlikable.

Well, I disagree. Not respectfully though. I don’t really have any respect for you to speak of.

Well. That formality is out of the way.

It’s so quiet. It’s like heaven.


I should just take a break.

Maybe the last Saturday in July would work.

I’m so sleeeeeeepy. I wish it wasn’t so hot. I’d take a walk. A walk in this heat would just make me sleepier.

Bless me!

Sure ya are.

I think it’s different. But I am not entirely sure.

how and why to

Oh, it’s for that … doohickey.

I can’t keep this crap straight.

I don’t know why this day won’t end. I have no answers for you.

Whee more training. This will be useful though. I just wish it wasn’t two hours long.

It’s probably good that I don’t have local friends. I’d probably suck at it.

I don’t think a literature review, by itself, should stand as a full thesis. I think it needs to be more involved than that.

Yes, well. They would, wouldn’t they?

I must learn to do things so very much slower.

Gonna try listening to this David Lynch audio book. At least it’s him reading it. It’s like listening to Gordon Cole. That’s alright with me.

The Suffocating Rubber Clown Suit of Negativity

That is, by far, the dumbest internet quiz I’ve ever seen.

I’ve already lost track of what Lynch is saying. This is my problem with audio books. I suddenly realize that I’ve stopped listening.

Distracting from my path of discovery.

I’m glad that road is open again so I can get back to my usual parking spot.

It’s flipping freezing in here.

It’s all fragments for me too, David. Me too.

I wish I hadn’t caved.

I’ma transcend this office and right to my house.

Great, now I want a donut.