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Random Wednesday

Here’s an old photo for you, since I failed to find a photo for this week.

I forgot about some things.

I very nearly forgot today is Wednesday.

I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a spiral escalator.

Um. Guys? An apple “farm” is called an orchard. Who wrote this??

I don’t want to pay 3 bux an episode to watch season 3 of Broadchurch. Just stick it on Netflix already.

Wow, that is foul.

I’m having one of those periods when I feel like I’ve just utterly run out of things to say.

Not that kind of period. Period of time.

It’s just you.

Seems like nobody’s talking to me lately.

Who the hell is Riley Dennis?

Of all the things happening in the world today, I find it endlessly hilarious that this campus is making national news because of goats.

Thanks for destroying my Instagram zen with the sudden bombardment of ads every three photos, you bastards.

Well. I don’t know how “fun” that was, but OK.

I am waaaaaaaaay too sleepy for the meeting I have this afternoon. No idea how I’m going to pull this off.

My hair is nothing but frizz today. Would it have really killed the universe to allow me a good hair day today?

At least we still

Huh. These are some interesting purchases. That’d be a handy booklight if I didn’t have to plug it into a USB port.

I should not be able to hear you crunching on that all the way over here.

If hearing is my superpower, it’s a sucky super power.

It’s so humid in here I’m sticking to my desk.

I’d rather have a sticker than a window cling. My windows are tinted. No one can see this thing.

It’s slightly different.

I need a shawl I can knit and not pay attention to.

Actually, I imagine I’ll be cranking out shawls like crazy again once the semester starts. I can’t read and not do anything with my hands.

I need some lucky rocket ship underpants.

Look at this fancy new hoodie. Whee.

Those people are constantly sending emails with broken links. You’d think they’d catch on by now.

Drop cloth = run. Check.

Still waiting for the nerves to hit, but mostly feeling pretty zen, really.


It’s nice that you designers can work with yarn companies to write patterns for TWENTY EIGHT DOLLAR A SKEIN yarn. Us little people can’t afford that kind of foolishness.

Don’t stand a chance.

I think she forgot. It’s possible.

I could use a snack.

Wow. That email confused the hell out of me.

Who says “notepad paper”?

I’m purposely trying to be less speedy. It’s a conscious decision.

Add lots of exclamation points. People will think you’re very happy. No one has to know that it’s a lie.

Sheesh. I have like 437 Word docs open.

I need to start planning the Christmas card.

I need to come up with my Halloween costume.

I need a vacation.

I. Need. A. Vacation.


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  1. phlegmfatale

    Odd coincidence: about the time you published this post, I received a FB message from a high school friend saying she was at a private Go-Go’s concert in Prague and thought of me because I introduced her to that band all those years ago. I am betting they sang Vacation.

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