It’s 10:30 and I haven’t written a word.

In my defense I was in the longest staff meeting EVER.

That Jody Allard woman? She is a monster. My heart hurts so much for her sons. Those poor boys.

And just like that I feel like watching the Kevin Costner Robin Hood again. So weird.

don’t look to a stranger

I wish I knew shorthand.

I thought that said “Lonely Knits for Little Girls”. That is not what it said.

I think I hate you, Windows 10.

This is an incredible house if you can get past all the creepy MANNEQUINS.

I want a witch window!

I’m sorry, Canadia. Normally I stay outta your bidness, but this really bothers me.

“These kids today with their texting and murder.”

Goodreads? Why the HELL would I be subscribed to the ROMANCE newsletter???

I’m reasonably certain I did not ask for that.

I kinda feel like going to Old Goat for lunch.

I wish Pop was here for lunch.

I don’t think I need any more stationery, but thanks.

Huh. I do this all the time. Well not all the time. But a lot. If you could see my Flickr account, you’d know that.

I don’t know how you expect me to remember a login I only use once a year.

My unicorn is broken. Sadness.

I don’t think I’ve ever used the word dossier in conversation before.

Thanks for completely ruining the clone stamp and healing brush Photoshop.

Wow. This stupid Windows 10 machine just rebooted without my permission, and I thought for sure I’d lost every word of this. I did not. Yay!

If I had, you’d have no Random today.

That lunch was definitely not at all adequate.


I don’t know if I can talk to you ever gain. You just used the phrase “me and bae”.

I should probably make an appointment with my neurologist.

I don’t really like my neurologist.

I’m 99% sure he’s a high functioning sociopath. Like I’d be willing to put money on it.

Not my neurologist. He can barely speak human.

I think I just ran out of fucks about today. It’s possible.

Now I feel like I need to read this Hillbilly Elegy and I don’t even know what the hell it’s about.

I like those thingers.

What is this one? CS6? No CC 2017. I’ve never used that one.

What a snoozefest.

You might want to consider a diet plan of some kind. You’re going to have a stroke or a heart attack or something.

I don’t pay any attention to that stuff and my cholesterol is just fine.

I did not go to Old Goat for lunch.

It never rained today. It was supposed to rain today.

It literally started raining as I hit enter on that sentence. I’m magic.

Even better than ads on Instagram? Telling Instagram three frigging times that a particular ad is not relevant to me and they still run it in my feed.

You’ve ruined Instagram! RUINED.


I wonder if famous people get ad free Instagram. Like that’s an option if you have a “verified account” or something. I would pay a subscription rate to get rid of the ads. Instagram is my zen. These ads are really messing with my whole process of getting my head back to something resembling smoothness.

What? I said resembling.

Yes. Yes, this is going to turn into a full on migraine.

almost blue, almost doin’ things we

A cactus seemed appropriate.