“It ain’t all burritos and strippers, my friend.”

I am well and truly trapped here for the duration. SIGH.

Copy-editing PDFs is a pain in the ass.

Pamela Anderson looks pretty fantastic without all that make up.

Honestly. Who thinks lemonade and cookies taste good together? How is this a thing?

“Which fictional antihero is your soul mate?” Batman.

Well duh. I didn’t need an internet quiz to tell me that.

“The speakers on the Common bandstand were kept from being heard. They were blocked off with a 225-foot buffer zone, segregated beyond earshot. Police barred anyone from approaching to hear what the rally speakers had to say. Reporters were excluded, too. Result? The free-speech rally took place in a virtual cone of silence. Participants ‘spoke essentially to themselves for about 50 minutes,’ the Globe reported. ‘If any of them said anything provocative, the massive crowd did not hear it.'”

carpet cleaning.

splitting headache.

two hour Mediasite training.

and now my phone has kicked the bucket.


Wait, I’m the only one registered for this workshop AGAIN?

more sigh.

I’m fucking cursed.

I give up.

I wish it were raining.

I wish it was.

OK. Moving on. Sorry, it was just this sort of hurricane of crap all of a sudden.


I have the Kitchens of Distinction stuck in my head now.

Hey Mediasite training was only 15 minutes. Guess I’m super glad I was the only one registered. I got the info I needed and we were done. There’s a bright spot in this craptastic day.

I’m going to Dr. Hooks now.

Great. No one has pay phones any more. I had to borrow a credit union’s Google because Dr. Hooks moved and I didn’t know it.

I deserved a Den Pop. I stopped.

Fucking day.

Unrelenting pain.

“The road to hell is paved with reasonable exceptions.”

Just when you start to think good things about the ACLU …

Some pretty powerful images.

I’ve never actually considered Joss Whedon to be a feminist. And despite my love of his work, I have long considered him to be an asshole.

Well duh it’s Darcy. Like any other Austen fellow would be my man.

These internet quizzes. Sheesh.

Wow. That whole letter was, “We all have the right to free speech. Except these people. These people best shut the fuck up.” Progressive fascism, alive and well.

“Someone, somewhere, is always getting mad about everything.” Pretty much.

Total lack of self awareness.

This is fantastic and I love it.

Pink had another baby?

Look, I’d love to buy that super cute skirt, but I just can’t right now.

Google has already shipped my replacement phone! Yay!

Here’s what you’re not getting – this is all extraneous information that the vendor neither needs nor cares about. Why are you even here?


Oh, right. I’m having breakfast for dinner. I decided this ten minutes ago and then completely forgot it.

This day, man.

Dammit. Why didn’t I write this down? I have no memory of what I did.

How fun!

Boy, Humphrey Bogart sure was a handsome man.


Oh these are awesome.

Whatever cop shot that tear gas canister totally hit that dude in the balls on purpose, and I think it’s frigging hilarious.

OK. What is all the damn screaming about now?

Wait. I wasn’t ready for that.