There’s an archive photo for you.

Once again, forgot it was Wednesday til I woke up this morning.

At 4:10.

For the second day in a row.

Why is it legooms and not legyoums?

sarcastic pagoda

18 1 11

“Odessa. I tried to keep a clean house.”

I woke up to the sound of a hot air balloon that day.

I never believed that Diane really existed.

I can listen to Nebraska and love it every five or six years and completely hate it the rest of the time.

It’s no secret I didn’t vote for Trump, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t approve of some of the changes he’s making. This one, in particular, is one I’ve really been looking forward to. The ridiculously broad application of Title IX and the blatant denial of due process is infuriating. I’m happy to see it scaled back. Frankly, I think Title IX should be eliminated entirely.

Fancy Med School pen is actually cheap and has blue ink. Lame.

Trust me when I tell you that not everyone you meet is looking for a brief recitation of your current CV.

Literally no one cares.

The Bobbys are surly.

Hey. If a girl wants to serve a cup of coffee in a bikini, seems to me like that’s her business.

Oh God, it’s a staff meeting day.

Pray for my soul.

tiny tiny tiny stitches

magic vagina dust

Who are these people?


I don’t understand whipped cream on waffles instead of syrup. Or even in addition to syrup.

Wait, did I read one of these already?

Why can’t I have a job in political theory? That’s my strong suit.

I don’t like data.

I LOVE almost all of Sleep Well Beast. It’s not as strong an album for me as High Violet or Alligator.

I know exactly what you’re talking about and I take zero responsibility for the total lack of communication on the part of your superstar. Instead of praising her and bashing us, perhaps you should be offerings some criticism her way as well.

I’m soooooooooooooo sleepy.

I know what I want to do with the rest of my life. Stay home and out of the world.

Try to tell a funny story, get taken seriously. Retreat to cave.

Honestly. There is no reason for you not to have uploaded that reading yet. Come on.

I always read light housekeeper as lighthouse keeper.

Wow, I got all sidetracked and forgot I was doing this.


I could totally be elections boss for the state of Michigan. For reals.

el oh el

I love that show. It’s so awesome.


Don’t call it COTUS. That’s just weird.

I have no memory of this person.

I ain’t no

Adult beverages, food, politics. T-minus 29 minutes.

Copy editor at CATO? That’s like a dream job. I bet it pays crap and I’d have to move to D.C.

Excuse me while I cry a little.

Sorry, Knit Stars is just a little too spendy for me.

Also I’m all faded and speckled out. Also brioched. I’m ready for the new trend, thanks.

Are you gone yet? Can I lock this door now?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with Johnnie Walker.