Which I totally typed as Ransom Wednesday.

Which gives me ideas.

You may recognize that first photo from Tom Waits’ Ran Dogs album. If you’re a Waits fan, like myself.

It’s not my favorite Waits album, but it has one of my favorite Waits songs on it.

Spies? Spires? Who knows?

Gah this guy’s voice is so irritating. Chop off his head already.

I am just not feelin’ grad school at all, chickens. I don’t know if I have it in me.

I am just not built for this heat. WHERE IS MY FALL WEATHER?

I have always hated September. Also January. And March. Those are my three least favorite months.

Lunch with Pop.

wish i had a head for math so i could

That is some serious bullshit. Unfortunately it is also not remotely surprising.

Aw look at my tiny fridge! I should paint it to look like the TARDIS.

Cos I have that kind of time.

Or talent.

I prolly should just post this tomorrow.

Yes. Yes, that is wise.

My hair hurts.

Seems like it’d be hard to swim in those tails.

Also that video was making me dizzy.

Can someone bring me a Sweetwaters or a Dunkin donut and also a caramel apple cider from Biggby? Extra hot? With zip? I will love you forever and be your very best friend. Kthanksbye

Shut up, Outlook. I do not have two unread messages. Filthy liar.

Why still no eye roll response, FB? Are you afraid it’s the only one people will ever use?

Because you can never hear this enough times.

Who wants to take me to see the National in a few weeks? Anyone?

You could stop talking any time now, and it would be totally OK with me.

Ugh. Stomach. Ugh.

I always want to add an e to stomach. Stomache.

I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before.



That seems like an awfully personal question.


That does sound like a pretty awesome job, actually. I think I’d really enjoy that.

And now we wait.

Yes, I did just skip Evil Woman.

Sometimes a girl just is not in the mood.

I always answered the differently worded, but asking essentially the same thing, questions the same. That’s why I always get the “you’re an inhuman Vulcan with your crazy logic” result on those tests. The INTJ thinger thingies.

“[M]any respondents are making up their opinions – or at least editing and modifying them – as they go through the questionnaire.”

OK yeah. I’m totally OK with that. As far as ridiculous memes go.

Oh I love this house. Let’s pick it up and move it to the Compound. Of course some serious remodeling is in order. That kitchen is tiny and awful. And just say no to dropped ceilings, people.

Evidently I don’t know how to spell surveillance.

I need a cool necklace that I can wear every day that has a hidden camera in it. Can somebody help me out with that?

Here we go. I’d totally wear this watch necklace.  OK, no, it’s actually a bit larger than I’d prefer. I was thinking something more locket sized.

Yeah, I’m probably never going back.

Well maybe I am the Anti-Christ. In that case, I ought to be able to snap my bloody fingers and crush you all. Jerks.

“Tell me what you want to do …” No. Stop being so bossy. It’s none of your business, Outlook!

Yeah, that just seems messy. This is a bad idea.

I love my little fridge.

I need another power strip.

I wish Matt Berninger would cut his damn hair. He looks so much better with short hair.

How the hell did I end up with all these Combos, Allison? You want me to get fatter, don’t you?

now you’re messin with a

general chronic awareness

I do love a good poncho.

I don’t even know where that is.

I didn’t want to go to your stupid meeting anyway.

DEAR GOD stop making that noise. I may vomit.

I’m pretty sure that that is not a reliable test of IQ.

I don’t think anyone has ever called me striking before. So that was nice.

This is not as funny as I was hoping it would be at all.


OK. OK OK OK OK. I’ll just take my evil and go home.