Ahh, that new Doc blister.

Sigh. OUCH.

“For all its flaws, the Communist revolution taught Chinese women to dream big …” All its flaws? Really? Like the actual millions of people that were murdered? Flaws?



Supernatural never mentions Jesus in all the Chuck storylines. I find that interesting.

“Sometimes we keep monsters in the back.”

I wonder how they know how much the gum on the wall weighs.

Why doesn’t God have a name like Amara does? I am enjoying this season as much as I did the first time.

These boys sure get hit over the head a lot. Seems like they’d have some pretty serious concussion consequences by now.

You are most like Abraham Lincoln! History isn’t just a hobby for you, it helps you when you are faced with important decisions. Your beliefs are never shaken even when you are faced with great adversity. You are able to sympathize with the less fortunate without feeling above them. You believe freedom and unity to be the highest virtues.

Man, do I love this tiny window.

I hate it when my feet are hot.

The passionate man is an unreliable man.” YES! Yes yes yes yes yes. Is there anything worse than emotional legislation? We need more Vulcan-Human hybrids, like me, in office.

I wasn’t sure about this outfit til I walked down for a cider this morning. Then I just felt so good about myself as I was walking. I look fantastic today, dammit.

I wore a skeleton dress yesterday and one of the students I love said I looked like Abby from NCIS and that that was awesome.

October was made just for me.

Just wish my head didn’t hurt. And I can’t even take anything. boo.

I have to say, Supernatural season 12 has not been my favorite so far.

It’s so loud in here.

How long is she going to complain at that volume? I mean honestly.

66 days to form a new habit. Hmm. Well. I’m about 4 days in. Just keep swimming I guess.

Maybe I’ll have that second cup of tea after all.

I feel like I want to brush my teeth.

I have no idea what I’m eating for lunch. As usual.

Call a taxidermist.

I don’t think I’m willing to trust the cafe’s meatloaf.

Enforcing the rules does not make me the devil. Dammit.

So wait, is this baby not, then, the Anti-Christ?

I found you an alternative. You can’t say thank you?

OMG. Stop with the “sportsball.” You’re not witty. You’re not funny. You’re just kind of a hipster douche. And I am saying that as someone who is not sports fan.

The San Juan mayor is kind of cracking me up with her t shirts.

I’m not super digging having Mary Winchester back.

I dunno. Shit accumulates when you’ve been in one place for 5 1/2 years.

Liberalism is white supremacy?” Are you even serious? Of course you are. I work at a university. I know.

This is a poem my friend Brent shared today and it is beautiful and breaks your heart just a bit.

That’s a lot of samples. Surely that’s impressive.


I love these cheap Meijer bracelets.

I do not love these earbuds.

This day deserves a bowl of Count Chocula.

Evidently as long as I can watch Supernatural while on the treadmill, I can jog for longer periods before I have to switch back to walking. Good to know.

We gotta visit that alligator farm.

I’m digging this fella. He started following me on Insta, so I checked him out. Good album. He’s probably unfollowed me by now. People tend to.

I’m not very interesting.

I’m not ordering David Lynch coffee.

Yep. Definitely a migraine. Whee.